Technovation Girls Curriculum Overview

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Technovation Girls Curriculum

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  • Start

    Create a plan, build your team and find a mentor!

    • Getting Started
  • Week 1

    Get to know your community, the problems they face, and how to best solve a problem with a mobile phone. You will also choose an app builder to build your app.

    • Understanding your Community
    • Brainstorming Problems
    • Solving Problems with Mobile Phones
    • Exploring Different App Builders
  • Week 2

    Come up with a solution to your problem, and do some marketing research to make sure it's the best solution possible. Learn some basics of programming.

    • Researching and Selecting Problems
    • Market Research
    • Problem Statement
    • Algorithms and Pseudocode
    • Solving Problems with Artificial Intelligence
  • Week 3

    Plan out the best way to tackle your solution. Create a business around your app idea and write a mission statement. Learn about event handlers.

    • Minimum Viable Product
    • Paper and Cardboard Prototyping
    • Businesses and Mission Statements
    • Events Handlers
  • Week 4

    Wrap up your idea witha
    project canvas. Solve your first coding challenge and learn about branding.

    • Brands
    • Coding Challenge 1
    • Data and Functions
    • Project Canvas
  • Week 5

    Learn how to visually express your business's identity, learn about variables and lists.

    • Color Schemes
    • Typefaces
    • Variables
    • Lists
  • Week 6

    Brand your app and learn about conditionals

    • Logos
    • Marketing your Project
    • Coding Challenge 2
    • If / Else Conditionals
  • Week 7

    Continue coding your app and create your business model

    • If / Else / Else If Conditional Statements
    • Advanced Logic and Conditionals
    • Calculating Revenue
    • Operating Costs and Business Models
  • Week 8

    Learn about loops and sensors and write your business plan

    • Loops
    • Components and Sensors
    • Business Plan [Senior Division]
    • AI and Your App
  • Week 9

    Learn to code databases & APIs, and create your pitch video.

    • Outline Your Pitch Video
    • Storing Data Locally
    • Cloud Storage and APIs
  • Week 10

    Edit your pitch video and debug your app

    • Record Your Pitch Video
    • Debugging Tips
    • Flowcharts
  • Week 11

    Practice pitching your idea and prepare your submission materials

    • Edit Your Pitch Video
    • Create a Pitch Presentation
  • Week 12

    Follow a walk through on how to submit your idea and planning for after the season!

    • Submitting to the Competition

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