Mentor Resources

Mentor Resources

Empower girls to change the world through technology.

The resources available on this page will help you support Technovation Girls teams to complete the program, submit their project, and develop new skills. Click the category on the left side to get to a list of helpful materials 

Getting Started

Getting Started

Step 1. Complete your registration

On ensure you finish the mentor training, sign the consent form, complete background check (US only), and fill out your profile (bio and a photo).

Step 1a. Join Mentor Slack (optional, but highly encouraged)

An easy way to connect with the Technovation team and mentors around the world, your new community! You'll find announcements, get to ask questions around the program, advice about being a mentor, help finding a co-mentor, and more! Join here and check out our Slack guide.

Step 2. Find a team to mentor!

You can search for teams in your region/timezone and send requests to join the team. Make sure your profile is complete so the team can get to know you a bit before they accept your invite.

Step 3. Review the curriculum, pre-season checklist and schedule your first team meeting

Kick off the season by reviewing the pre-season checklist! In your first email include the mentor communication form for parents to sign. Remember: the curriculum is your handbook for coaching teams through the season. 

More getting started resources: 

Mentor Curriculum

  • Each week of the student curriculum has a companion guide for mentors to help you feel more confident and prepared to support your team.

Key Dates

  • Use these dates to help you create a schedule with the team from the start of the season to submission time!

Mentor Overview

  • Share this with colleagues or friends who would make great mentors or co-mentors for your team!

Advice for Mentors

  • First-time mentor? Read our blog on how to be a better mentor for girls in tech!

Mentor FAQ

  • Still have a question? Take a peak at our FAQ and if you still don't see the answer there, feel free to ask in Slack.
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Get in touch

If you have additional questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear them. Please reach out to us!


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