Mentor Curriculum

Technovation Girls Mentor Curriculum

Use this Mentor Curriculum to guide your teams through a Technovation Girls season.

Each week of the student curriculum has a companion guide for mentors to help you feel more confident and prepared to support your team.

Submissions are due on April 24th, 2024 at 5pm PDT | April 25 at 1am WAT | 2am CEST | 5:30am IST

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How to use the Mentor Curriculum

Each weekly guide has objectives for your team aligned to the program milestones, agenda templates, activity trackers, and activity goals. Check out the step-by-step guide for more information:


Mentor Guide: Pre-Season

Get ready for an amazing season with your team! This guide covers what you'll need to know to get set up, prepare your team, and manage the logistics of the Technovation Girls season. Let's get started!

Mentor Guide: Week 1

Topics covered: team building, identifying problems, how we can use technology to solve problems, introduction to AI, introduction to algorithms

Mentor Guide: Week 2

Topics covered: Researching & selecting problems to solve, overview of different app builders, using AI to find patterns

Mentor Guide: Week 3

Topics covered: Identifying solutions, market research, creating business and mission statements, types of coding blocks, AI datasets

Mentor Guide: Week 4

Topics covered: Choosing to create an AI tool or mobile app, Minimal Viable Products, Conditionals in coding, debugging code

Mentor Guide: Week 5

Topics covered: Prototyping, partnering with organizations, planning a project, coding different components, training an AI model

Mentor Guide: Week 6

Topics covered: Marketing a product, calculating revenue, building a business with a positive impact, storing information, software options for AI

Mentor Guide: Week 7

Topics covered: Operating costs, Lists (coding), examples of strong mobile apps

Mentor Guide: Week 8

Topics covered: Outlining Pitch and Technical videos, Business Plan (Senior Division), User Adoption Plan (Junior Division), APIs (Coding)

Mentor Guide: Week 9

Topics covered: Recording Pitch and Technical Videos

Mentor Guide: Week 10

Topics covered: Editing Pitch and Technical Videos

Mentor Guide: Week 11

Topics covered: Reflecting, writing about the team's Learning Journey for submission

Mentor Guide: Week 12

Topics covered: Submitting your project, celebrating!

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