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Calling all innovators

Who are you?

You're ready to change the world through technology. You are curious, creative, and determined. You've got big ideas and the courage to explore them.

What will you do?

You will join a team to create, build, and sell an app that addresses a problem in your community – or support a team that does.

How do you get involved?

Find the role below that makes the most sense for you – student, mentor, ambassador or judge – and then sign up! We'll help you figure out the rest.

Closes on March 20, 2019

Let's close the tech gender gap.

Here's how it works

  • Register
  • Create or join a team
  • Identify a problem in your community
  • Create and code an app to solve that problem with the support of a team of entrepreneurs, mentors, and ambassadors

You and your team will build a mobile technology company. Twelve teams will be invited to the World Pitch Summit for the chance to pitch their company to a global audience and receive recognition for their efforts. No prior coding or app experience is necessary.

*Girls ages 10 to 18 can participate in Technovation


What you'll need:

A Team

You'll need a team of up to 5 amazing girls (including you) to participate. We believe Technovation is a more educational, inspirational, and all-around fun experience if approached as a group.


Registration for the 2019 Technovation season opens in October. Students can register, form teams, and access the curriculum at this point. We recommend starting the curriculum no later than January to finish in time for the submission deadline on April 23, 2019. You can find a suggested timeline here. Explore the curriculum to see what topics you'll cover this season and map out your project timeline.

What you'll create

  • A working mobile app prototype
  • A pitch presentation and pitch video
  • Senior Division teams only: A business plan 

Who are mentors?

Mentors are professionals who feel comfortable supporting teams of girls to participate in the program and helping their teams become leaders. They learn with their teams and help them problem solve, while also supervising girls through their journey.

  • Mentors can be teachers, parents, community leaders, or professionals.
  • Mentors do not need to be tech professionals (although it's great if you do have  tech expertise!)
  • Mentors can work with a local team in-person, or be a virtual mentor to a team anywhere in the world

What you'll need:

A Team

You'll need a team of up to 5 amazing girls to mentor. We believe the Technovation Challenge is more educational, inspirational, and all-around fun experience if approached as a group. Connect with a team online after you register, or recruit other girls in your area!

Time Commitment

About 50 hours over the season; recruit and supervise students, coordinate speakers and meeting space, ensure internet and computer access, and oversee teams as they complete the curriculum.

Help Technovation grow

Regional Ambassadors are community leaders who help bring Technovation to a new region and/or build a solid community in their area by organizing events and managing the program locally.

For the 2019 season, we are recruiting Regional Ambassadors in the following areas:

Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Europe (especially United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, and Ireland), India, Israel, Mexico, Singapore, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Vietnam

If you are based in any of the locations listed above, we would love to hear from you.

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Support your daughter

Parents are parents or guardians of participating girls who are able to provide additional encouragement and support to their daughter and her team. Parents can provide teams a place to work, or connect teams with mentors from their professional networks.


Support girls around the world

As a Technovation judge, you will review submissions from Technovation teams around the world, offer feedback and encourage teams to keep building. 


  • Complete a short self-paced training (30 minutes)
  • Commit to 3-5 hours of judging submissions between May and June 2019. 


Eligibility & Age Divisions

To be eligible to participate in Technovation as a student, you must be between the ages of 10 to 18 as of August 1, 2019 and  identify as female. 

To be fully registered, you must form or join a team. Teams can range in size from 1-5 girls. No more than 5 girls are allowed to  join a team. You can only join one team.

Your team's division – Junior or Senior – depends on the age of all team members. 

Junior Division: Team members are between 10-14 years old as of August 1, 2019

Senior Division: Team members are between 15-18 years old as of August 1, 2019



Technovation Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ to find answers to the most common Technovation questions

Suggested Milestones

A suggested project plan to help teams stay on track and submit all materials on time

Judging Rubric

Review the rubric judges will use to score your submission.

Technovation Timeline

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Key Dates for 2019 Season

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Official Season Launch: January 7, 2019
Sign Up Deadline: March 20, 2019
Submission Deadline: April 23, 2019
World Pitch: August 2019

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