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For instance, learn who is eligible to participate, how you can register as a student or mentor or find the important dates for the 2023 season. 

You can also explore the Get Started page, where you can learn more about each role (students, mentors, judges, parents, and ambassadors) and find links to sign up as registration opens for each role.

The Submission Guidelines will clarify what you'll submit to the competition, and which coding languages we accept. 

Questions about

If you have a technical question about the program, submission, or the registration and submission platform, tell us about it here.

Tip: use the link above if you have questions about logging in, creating an account, building a team, or submitting to the program, or if you need to download a certificate of participation after you participate. 

Question about running or supporting Technovation Girls

If you are interested in partnering with us to run Technovation Girls in your community, or to engage your employees please get in touch here