Girls for a change.

Every year, girls across the globe step up to solve problems in their community with technology through Technovation Girls. Supported by a network of mentors, ambassadors, volunteers and parents, these girls are changing the world— you can join them.

Learn more about the different ways to get involved with Technovation Girls and find the role that fits you best.

Girls are creating a global wave of change

Girls are changing the world with technology.

Climate change, domestic violence, women's equality, accessibility — these are just a few problems 2,100 Technovation Girls teams tackled in 2023.

You can join them.

Our global community of students, mentors, ambassadors, parents and judges are curious, creative problem solvers who know technology is a powerful tool for change and want to use it for social good. Most join with no previous tech experience, but are ready to learn.

Learn how to code a mobile app or build an AI project to solve a problem you care about—or support a team that does.

Technovation Changes Students' Lives

Graphic showing Technovation Girls interests after completing the program - 78% interested in CS 70% interested in entrepreneurship 67% interested in business leadership

After participating in Technovation Girls ....

Students express a greater interest in technology and leadership after participating in our program, and 58% of our alumni enroll in more computer science courses after Technovation.

That's not all – alumni go on to start their own businesses, present at prestigious events, meet world leaders, and even return to support the next cohorts of Technovation Girls. 

Technovation Girls is just the beginning.

Technovation Chapters & Clubs

Technovation Girls is a global program. Girls and mentors can connect with Technovation Girls locally through Chapters and Clubs. Chapters and Clubs provide a way for students to meet and work together as they complete the program. It is not mandatory to connect with your local Chapter or Club to participate.

  • Chapters  support 7+ teams across multiple sites (like schools, or community centers), and are managed by Chapter Ambassadors.
  • Clubs support between 2-5 teams and are managed by Club Ambassadors.
  • Student Clubs are led by approved Technovation Alumnae ages 13-17, and can vary in size.

You can find your local Chapter or Club below, with information about your local leader. If you have questions, get in touch.

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