Project Check-in

Now that you have started to work on your project, it’s time to check in on some parts of your project.


Let’s start with your target audience.

Test out your ideas:

  • Show users your paper prototype from unit 5.
  • Ask them to perform a task with the project.
  • Watch how they do it.
  • Take notes!

Here is a good example of testing your prototype with users.

After you test your project with your target audience, look at your notes.

  • Does anything surprise you?
  • Did your users like your prototype?
  • Did they understand how it works? 
  • Was it easy for them to perform the task?
user testing

You might need to update your project plan and design based on your user feedback!


Speaking of project plans, It’s good practice to keep your project plan from Unit 5 handy.

Each week, check your tasks, who is doing what, and make sure you’ve done what you were supposed to do.

sticky notes, project plan

Keep the Technovation Girls milestone calendar in mind as you check your progress.


The timeline will help to keep your team on track!