Brainstorming Solutions

Now you have a problem statement for the problem you want to solve, you need to think about how you will solve it.

Time to get your brains 
working again!
This time you will think of ways to solve your problem.
brain, lightning, and light bulbs


Before you get started,  here a some good rules to follow as a team. Click on each sun icon to uncover the rule.

pink flower

No judgement

There are no right or wrong ideas

Encourage more ideas

Any thoughts may spark new, great ideas

Build on the ideas of others

Think more "and" instead of "but"

Stay focused on the topic

Keep the ideas around your problem

One conversation at a time

Take turns expressing your ideas

Be visual

Write down ideas with simple words or draw images

Go for quantity

More is better!


Use the worksheet to write down your ideas

Past Technovation participants share their journey to finding the right solution in the Live Class video below. Check it out!