Getting Feedback

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Before you go further, you want to know:

  • Is the problem I want to solve something that needs solving?
  • Do my users want help with this problem?

Throughout your project, you should stay in contact with your users, also known as your target audience or target market. These are the people you are trying to help with your project.

Here are some examples of products and their target markets. Click on the ? to see the target market.

Barbie doll

Target Market

Children aged 3-12

meow mix cat food bag

Target Market

People who own cats

whatsapp chat window

Target Market

People who own smartphones

Here are some ways to stay in contact with your users.

Ask them a series of questions

  • In person
  • Over the phone
  • Over video chat
  • Email (last option – it’s better to hear their voice and see their reactions to your questions).
two people sitting at table with talk bubbles above their heads


  • “Do you currently have this problem?”
  • “How do you solve or work around this problem now?”
  • “If I solved this problem using technology, would you use my solution?”