Judge Training

Judge Training

This short but impactful training should take you around 20-30 minutes to complete.


Make sure you've registered as a judge before you complete this training. If you haven't already, sign up!

This Training Covers

  1. Overview of Technovation
  2. Your Role as a Judge/ Judge Process
  3. What is in a Technovation Girls Submission
  4. Using the Judge Rubric
  5. How to Give Feedback


In order to be a judge you must:

  1. Complete this short, self-paced online training
  2. Commit to scoring and leaving feedback for at least five submissions

Part 1: Technovation Overview

Learn about Technovation Girls.

Part 2: Your Role as a Judge

Learn why being a judge is so exciting and important to society.


Part 3: Parts of a Submission

A quick overview of the submission process. 

Part 4: Using the Judging Rubric

Learn some tips on how to use the judging rubric. Click here to see the full judging rubric on our site.

Part 5: Constructive and Positive Feedback

Learn how to leave helpful feedback on submissions.


After judging is over, you will receive a certificate that you can share on your personal website or on your LinkedIn profile. Your certificate will reflect how many submissions you judged for Technovation. There are three different levels that you can achieve.

  1. Certified Judge - Review at least 5 submissions
  2. Head Judge - Review 6-10 submissions
  3. Judge Advisor - Review more than 10 submissions

In addition to the certificates, Head Judges and Judge Advisors will be invited back to judge submissions during our semifinalist round in June.

Finally, Judge Advisors will be listed on our website at the end of the season in recognition of their hard work.


Judge Commitment

As a Technovation judge,  I agree to

  • Review a minimum of five submissions
  • Review each submission with integrity
  • Provide thoughtful feedback on each submission

Technovation reserves the right to delete judge scores at any point. Once you accept these terms, you will be redirected to your judge dashboard.