Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are superstar Technovation Girls Alumnae who volunteer to help girls complete the program

Student Ambassadors help run Technovation Girls locally, supporting their peers as they participate in the program and build technical, business, and creative problem solving skills. 

What do Student Ambassadors do?

Student Ambassadors do many things to support their peers, including:

  • Recruit participants by hosting events (online or in-person) and telling prospective students what they will learn and accomplish
  • Help girls to get started—help them create accounts, build teams, and find mentors
  • Engage students, which includes motivating them, connecting them to resources and support, and helping them complete their submissions.
  • Support students. Some Student Ambassadors host several regularly scheduled sessions for student to learn about tech, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship, while others offer standalone sessions to provide mentorship or answer questions.

Who are Student Ambassadors? 

Student Ambassadors are Technovation Girls Alumnae who have completed at least one full season of Technovation Girls and are between the ages of 13 and 20. They demonstrate a keen interest and capability in empowering students to improve their communities through technology. 

Technovation looks to our Student Ambassadors not only as youth representatives of their local communities, but also as representatives of our global organization.

Where are Student Ambassadors located? 

Our 120+ Student Ambassadors hail from approximately 30 countries. Representation in regions shift each year, depending on Student Ambassador availability and local programming needs. Some Student Ambassadors work on their own, while others partner with each other, or their local Chapter Ambassadors.

What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador? 

Over the course of the season, Student Ambassadors network, learn, and exchange ideas with Student Ambassadors from around the world, and become leaders and role models in their communities. 

Student Ambassadors also attend virtual skill-building workshops hosted by Technovation and its partners, where they learn about topics including:

  • Professional development—public speaking, how to break down goals into tasks
  • Leadership—how to motivate a team to accomplish a common goal, how to have challenging conversations effectively
  • Networking skills—how to find contacts who can help you accomplish your goals
  • Mentorship skills—how to coach and teach effectively

The skills that Student Ambassadors build help them serve as leaders in their communities, and equip them in their future career, education and personal development opportunities.

 For educators and volunteers

Are you working with a Student Ambassador in your community? Would you like to learn more about the Technovation Student Ambassador program in your community or verify an Ambassador's connection to Technovation?

Get in touch—we can help!

If you are a Technovation Alumna or student looking to learn more about how to become a Student Ambassador, please visit our Alumnae Community page.

Ambassador Stories

Marina's Student Ambassador Story

In 2021, Marina and her team built an app and made it to Technovation's World Summit where they presented their idea to a global audience. Since then, she has been helping other girls in the community learn how to create technologies that solve problems they care about as a Technovation Student Ambassador.