Super-smart teen girls from India invented an app to deal with all of our iPhone waste

Solving global problems isn’t on the to-do list for most teenagers.

But this group of five teen girls from Delhi, India, is far from average. The team took on the challenge of inventing a way to dispose of electronic waste in an eco-friendly way.

“E-waste is usually disposed of as regular trash, which causes all types of environment pollution and great health hazards,” the team told “GMA” during a group presentation.  Discarded tech equipment — phones, computers, TVs — contains substances that cause environmental damage and health risks, especially if treated inadequately, according to the 2017 Global E-waste Monitor, a report produced in part by United Nations University.

Calling themselves Team Cantavits, the girls worked together to create a mobile app called Eedo that allows for full communication between e-waste producers and authorized recyclers. This summer they won the senior division at the 2018 Technovation World Pitch Summit in San Jose, California.