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Provide feedback and encouragement to girls around the world as a Technovation Judge

The resources on this page will help you fulfill your role as a Technovation Judge.

Review how to access your judge account and the judging timeline, learn about unconscious bias, and get instructions on accessing teams' source code.

Your Judge Account

In order to judge submissions, you must complete 3 simple steps

    1. Sign the consent form
    2. Complete a short survey
    3. Complete the judge training

Technovation Judge Onboarding

Log in to your Technovation account to confirm that you have completed these steps. If you have completed the on-boarding process, your dashboard should look like this: 

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 9.28.04 AM

Frequently Asked Questions
Addressing Unconscious Bias
Judge rubric/training

           Evaluating the Technical Componant of a Submission

Demo videos are back! 

You will be able to evaluate a team's technical complexity by viewing the demo video and using the judging rubric to assess app function,  user experience & design, technical learning,  and code complexity. Below are instructions for evaluating source code, but if you find that you cannot open the code, please use the demo and pitch video to provide technical scores and feedback.  

Instructions: How to access a teams' source code

You will be able to evaluate the source code for each submission you judge. For this, you can use an emulator! An emulator's purpose if to see the app in action. Opening source code files in their native platform will let anyone see the source code and parts under the hood.

Please refer to the videos below for guidance on how to find the source code for submissions created using:

  • MIT App Inventor
  • Thunkable X

Apps that were created in a Swift/Xcode you will find some tips below. If you are assigned an app in Java and cannot open the code, use the team pitch video and screenshots to understand how their app functions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your fellow judges on the judge Slack channel or conduct an online search for additional resources. 

MIT App Inventor

Technovation teams use this platform to create a project for Android devices and upload an ".aia" file or ".apk" file which you can use to test their projects.

If you don't have an android phone and you get assigned an app inventor submission, go to minute 4:41 to learn how to use an emulator.

Thunkable X

Technovation teams create a single project that works on both Android and iOS devices. They generate a shareable URL  to test their projects.

Swift/Xcode Troubleshooting Tips

Source Code created on Swift/Xcode can only be tested on iOS.
    1. Download Xcode https://apps.apple.com/us/app/xcode/id497799835?mt=12
    2. Download the team's source code
    3. Open the team's source code in the Xcode app
    4. Click "Run" and wait for an emulator to pop up (this may take some time)

Reminder: Judge Requirements, Timeline, and Rankings

Judges must complete a self-paced online training (~30 minutes), and commit to reviewing at least 5 submissions. 

Quarterfinals: April 22- May 25  2021

Online judging

Dates may extend or end early, depending on number of submissions received. 

Semifinals: June 2 - June 16 2021

Online judging
Judges must have reviewed 5+ submissions in quarterfinals to judge semifinals

Certified Judge
Review 5 submissions


5 volunteer hours

Head Judge
Review 6-10 submissions


6-10 volunteer hours
Invited to judge in global semifinals

Judge Advisor
Review 11+ submissions


10+ volunteer hours
Listed as Judge Advisor on website