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Technovation Chapters

Technovation Chapters are regional hubs for Technovation activity. Chapters are led by Regional Ambassadors or Student Ambassadors, who are approved through an application process. Chapters are primarily responsible for recruiting students, mentors and judges, organizing launch and regional pitch events, field trips, and fundraising for the local operations.

Chapters are officially recognized by Technovation and support both corporate and community partnerships to ensure the sustainability of the local program. 

If you're interested in developing a smaller Technovation community at your school or program, you can start a Technovation Club.

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Regional Ambassadors

Regional Ambassadors are volunteer program managers who help bring Technovation to a new region and build a solid community in their area by organizing events and managing the program locally.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are Technovation alums who are ready to become leaders in their communities. Student Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • Facilitating Club meetings
  • Recruiting new Technovation participants; organizing student orientation workshops and leading Technovation Launch workshops
  • Encouraging former Technovation participants to participate again


Student ambassadors will devote approximately 55 hours per season (October through June)  to leading Technovation Clubs

Find your local Ambassador!

Find your local Regional Ambassador in the map below and get in touch with any questions you may have about local events.

Regional Ambassadors

National Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Technovation Clubs

Technovation Clubs are a great way to meet your fellow Technovation participants!Anyone can start a club at a school or an organization and meet  to work through the curriculum, practice pitching, tour local companies, and generally support one another during the season and beyond.

The primary purpose of a club is to spread the word about Technovation and encourage more girls to register for and complete the program. Aim to recruit 5-7 teams! Each club is free to define its structure and activities.

Club activities can include:

  • Sharing Technovation outreach materials:
  • Hosting Technovation student/mentor information sessions
  • Organizing a screening of CodeGirl documentary (available on Netflix)
  • Encouraging girls to register for Technovation
  • Following Technovation on social media

Given the number of Clubs, Technovation headquarters will not be able to directly support activities of all the clubs. Please share your updates and send inquiries to [email protected].

Tips for Students


  • Find an adult advisor. This can be a teacher, parent, or someone you look up to in your community. Their primary role will be to help you find a safe space to meet to work on your apps and business plans, but they can also help connect you with local professionals for tours and interviews, or be an early test audience for your app.
  • Recruit like-minded girls! Announce your club at your school's activity fair, or table in the lunchroom. Ask if you can make an announcement before class starts, and reach out to your friends and encourage them to join you.
  • Invite professionals to be guest speakers, or organize a tour of a local business. Reach out to local businesses in your area, introduce yourself, and ask if someone can give a tour and a brief talk to a group of highly motivated young women.