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Technovation App Gallery

Technovation App Gallery 

This spreadsheet is a resource to help you review all of the 2018 Technovation app submissions. It is divided by category/SDG (Sustainable Development Group). Each category has its own tab, which you can see at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

Tip: To use this spreadsheet, use the "find" function ("command +f" or "control + f") and search for a term you're interested in, or the name of an app you want to look up. For example, try looking up "water" in the Environment tab, or "restaurant" in the Hunger tab.

These are not complete submissions – we only included the parts that would be most useful to people looking for inspiration. Be sure to watch the Demo and Pitch Videos for ideas on how to present your idea!

We hope that this guide will answer questions and offer inspiration for future submissions.

*This spreadsheet is the beginning of an in-depth app gallery feature. We chose to post this information, in this format, out of response to teams’ questions. This feature will evolve into a more sophisticated and user-friendly version.