People’s Choice Award

People's Choice Awards

Voting is open until 11am PDT Thursday, August 9, 2018

2018 People's Choice Award

Review the teams eligible for the People's Choice Award this year, watch their pitch videos, and cast a vote for your favorite.

Please note that only one vote per person is allowed.  

Teams are listed alphabetically. Both finalist and visiting teams are eligible to receive the People's Choice Award.



United States

Aspeechia is an app for kids with a common disorder called "Childhood Apraxia of Speech," or CAS that affects 1-2 children out of every 1,000. Aspeechia aims to help these kids develop better speech pronunciation. Aspeechia is almost like a virtual speech therapy that is both interactive with parents and children.





Live! Is a health tracking app that calculates the amount of sleep, rest, meditation, walk and water a user needs, tracks sleep time, steps, distance walked, water consumed and offers meditations, video exercises, relaxing sounds and helps users track their moods.

The Cantavits



81% of people dispose of e-waste improperly, which results in toxic fumes and polluted water. Eedo is an Android app solution that provides an end-to-end connection between e-waste producers and authorized recyclers.




StopIt helps those who are suffering from gender violence – physical or psychological abuse. StopIt helps those who are being abused defend themselves through mechanisms that do not require another person's assistance as well as through mechanisms that require human intervention.  



Care For Me - Alzheimer (CFM - ALZ)


Care for Me - Alzheimer aims to improve and strengthen the relationship between elderly patients with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. Primarily oriented for caregivers, Care for Me - Alzheimer also allows patients to be listed as honorary users so that their needs can be taken into account as well.


Fantastic Ideas 2018

Feel It


Many hospitalized children lose opportunities to discover the world around them. Feel it can help make this time more pleasant by giving them the chance to follow their own curiosities. Parents and friends can contribute by writing the interesting facts children will explore. Join the cause!


Feed the Nation



iFood eliminates the outrageous exploitation of farmers by middle men and also reduces food scarcity caused by the hurdling of agricultural products by these middle men. The main feature iFood is the direct contact of consumers to the farmers hence making the farmers determine the food price in the market. OPERATION ZERO HUNGER!



United States

Alleviate is a mobile app designed to help individuals with autism improve their social interaction skills and reduce anxiety in times of stress. Interaction features work for both verbal and non-verbal users and the relaxation feature helps users relax with a personalizable breathing simulator.

Generation Z



Historically, women in Central Asia spend more time on household chores than men, a problem that still exists today. Parents further this practice when they delegate household chores mostly to daughters. ELIST was developed to address this unequal distribution by equally and randomly assigning chores to children regardless of their gender. 



Genius Study Room

Genius Study Room

Hong Kong

Genius Study Room is an app for users and managers of study rooms that allows users to see whether the room has available seats and managers know whether there are any problems related to noise or seat conflicts in the room. Genius Study Room helps solve noise problems and prevent people from abusing the study room through the use of different sensors.





JOIN US connects young people and the elderly. Through JOIN US young people have the opportunity to live in another country with lodging expenses covered, in return for spending time with their elderly hosts and helping with tasks like housekeeping and shopping.

Legendary Helpers

Health Journal


Health Journal offers children ways to quickly update their parents with information like their feelings and food and water consumption. Health Journal serves as a convenient tool for children to enter those information, and parents can easily check up on their child to see their child's status summary. This app also keeps the daily record as in journal format.

Magic Cards

Magic Cards


Magic Cards helps young children with special medical and cognitive needs develop their learning abilities. Inspired by Magic Cards time volunteering with Shanghai Baby Home, a charitable organization that provides medical care to orphans with special medical needs.



Save A Soul



FD-Detector (Fake Drug Detector) helps identify fake pharmaceutical drugs in Nigeria. The app leverages a drug's barcode to verify its authenticity and expiration date. Save A Soul will also partner with NAFDAC (National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control), an agency responsible for regulating drugs in Nigeria.





QUAKESAFE was developed to ready its users in Greater Vancouver on how to be aptly prepared for Earthquakes through interactive and practical methods. It contains a variety of well-curated information and accessible tools for the user to explore, and overall seeks to promote improvement on Earthquake response in Greater Vancouver's individuals.



Stray Paws


Stray Paws is an animal adoption and safety app that connects shelters with people who want to adopt a pet. Stray Paws also has a “search and rescue” GPS feature that allows people to post images of injured animals to the app so that animal emergency services can quickly navigate to the site.


Be A Firefighter

State of Palestine

Be A Firefighter is a virtual reality game that provides a creative way to educate players on how to avoid starting fires and how to extinguish fires. It allows players to experience a fire and take an action to stop the fire from happening or extinguish the existing fire.

Trees Expedite

Tap-Tap Trees


Tap-Tap Trees is a mobile game where players collect seeds to plant as trees as levels are passed. An actual tree will be planted in Tekirdağ for each level passed, via the foundation "ÇEKÜL". Tap-Tap Trees aims to raise awareness of air pollution in the community and increase the number of trees in the area.


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