World Pitch Summit

World Pitch 2019

August 15, 2019

Santa Clara, CA

Technovation World Pitch

World Pitch is a night of networking and leaning in to support young women aspiring to change the world through tech at World Pitch.

Meet and cheer on the young women (ages 10-18) from around the world who will be previewing their business proposals and pitching their apps in anticipation of the final results of the Technovation Challenge.

Meet young women who are using tech to change their communities

Celebrate a global community of women in technology and business

Interact with leading companies, emerging startups and innovators 


"My World Pitch experience has, in the most clichéd manner, changed my life. In the past two years, I've gone from zero coding experience to teaching a group of underprivileged girls in my community how to code, starting my own company, and developing my app Cappable."

-  Soumya T.
2015  Technovation Finalist (India)
& Founder of Bookbite


"I am still very grateful to this project, because it has opened so many opportunities for us since that [World Pitch] summer.

Now I want to share my knowledge with future Technovation generations, want them to believe in themselves, and not to be afraid of new horizons!"

-  Alina D.
2016 World Pitch Finalist (Kazakhstan)
& TEDx Speaker


"I think your cause is a great one, and has really made a difference already for the girls participating at my school this year. They went from "We can't do this, we're not good enough," to "Let's work every day so we can win!""

- Technovation Volunteer

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Technovation World Pitch Livesteam

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