Technovation Rules

Program Rules

All participants must follow the rules below in order to be eligible to submit to the Technovation competition. 


Technovation Student Rules


  • In order to participate, all students must be between the ages of 10 to 18 as of August 1, 2019.
  • All students must identify as female. No males can enter the competition.
  • Teams are composed of 1 to 5 students. No more than 5 students are allowed to join a team.
  • Students can only join 1 team.
  • Divisions are based on the age of the oldest student on the team.
    • Junior Division: 10-14 years as of August 1, 2019
    • Senior Division: 15-18 as of August 1, 2019

Submission Requirements

  • In order to submit, each team member will first need to complete their profile which includes:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Location
    • Parental consent form
  • Late submissions will not be accepted. Submission deadline is April 23rd at 5:00pm PST.
  • All submissions must include:
    • Pitch Video
    • Demo Video
    • App Name & Description (Must be written in English)
    • Source Code
    • Business Plan (if you are in the senior division) (Must be written in English)
  • Pitch Videos and Demo videos can be in other languages, but must have English subtitles. Otherwise they will be disqualified.
  • Please refer to the submission guidelines for more details

App Requirements and Rules

  • Apps can have text in other languages (ie Arabic, Spanish, etc). For examples, buttons, logos, and labels can have words in languages other than English. However the demo video must clearly explain how the app functions.
  • Teams may use publicly released libraries, example code, and tools, but teams must also develop original code. To be valid, every submission must include a source code file of the app.
  • Teams can use app builders and programming languages other than App Inventor and Thunkable. However, they must be able to complete the code checklist and submit the source code to receive full points in the technical category. Judges will download and run the code during the judging process.
  • Teams cannot re-submit the same app idea from previous years.
  • Teams can submit technologies in addition to their app prototype such as: hardware, wearable devices and, VR technology. However the submission must contain a mobile app prototype in order to be valid for submission. These technologies should be included to complement the app and make the solution stronger.


  • Teams cannot appeal judge decisions. All scores are final.

Intellectual Property

  • All submissions are the property of students who have full ownership over their source code, business plan, pitch video, and demo video.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is knowingly reproducing/copying other people's exact ideas, code, apps and business plans and submitting them as your work.  All submissions suspected of plagiarism will undergo a review process by Technovation staff. If you are caught plagiarizing another team’s work, you will be disqualified. It is acceptable to use code from open-source databases and libraries. Always cite references (give credit) for research, facts/statistics in your work. If you aren’t sure, ask the owner for permission. For more information, see the “copyrights and wrongs” section on our Internet Safety training.