Technovation 2021: Live Classes

Technovation Girls

2021 Live Classes

Get additional support for the 2021 season

Join us for a series of live online classes this season!

These classes will help you successfully complete the Technovation Girls program and provide a place for you to connect with girls and alumni from around the world — even while most of us are still working and learning from home.

Please note: Times listed are in UTC. You can use a timezone converter like this one to see what time that is in your local time zone.

Did you miss a class? Don't worry — you can watch our Live Class playlist for recordings of each class, and scroll for our favorite tips from each lesson. We usually update this page a few days after the Saturday sessions.

January 16, 2021: Find a Team

1-CallToAdventure (2)

Find a team to join ... or find more teammates to join your team!

Meet girls from around the world who — like you — care about building a better future! Walk away with tips to:

  • Work with your team
  • Find a mentor
  • Make Technovation work for your busy schedule

January 23, 2021: Find a Problem

With special guest Gitanjali Rao (Technovation alumni and TIME's Kid of the Year!)

4-EthicalDetective-Icon (3)

Get help figuring out what problem to solve that you really care about

Identify what problem you and your team care about AND can be solved through a mobile app. Walk away with tips to:

  • Work with your mentor - What should you ask them? What about when things feel awkward? What's a mentor's role anyway?
  • Reach out to people in your community for important feedback on your ideas and prototypes

January 30, 2021: Find a Solution and Start Coding

With special guest Gitanjali Rao (Technovation alumni and TIME's Kid of the Year!)


Identify solution ideas your team can work on immediately, and get coding with GirlsCodeIt volunteers

Discover key ways to identify solutions and do competitor research, and start coding. Plus walk away with tips to:

  • Troubleshoot coding issues that may arise as you learn
  • Gather info about existing solutions

February 6, 2021: Make a Plan

3-MapYourJourney-Icon (2)

Get help creating your action plan and paper prototype with Technovation alumna and NASA intern Trishala, and continue coding with GirlsCodeIt volunteers

Plan the best way to tackle your solution with an action plan that's right for your team. Plus get tips to:

  • Create your paper prototype and test it out
  • Ask your coding questions in breakout rooms for MIT App Inventor, Thunkable, and Java and Swift (Pre-work coding tutorial will be sent to you after registering, 24 hours before the class to complete before the live session)

February 13, 2021: Climate and Coding


Join our special Twitch livestream around climate and coding to take your app to the next level

Climate experts will share some powerful problems to solve and will answer YOUR questions about your own climate apps - submit your questions in the form on the green button. Plus, learn how to code advanced features like databases with Thunkable expert Dave Wolber. And walk away with tips to:

  • Test your first prototype before it's fully working with users
  • Reach out to more users for future feedback - and what to say to them!

February 27, 2021: Money and Marketing

2-GatherSupplies-Icon (2)

Start creating your budget and marketing plans with a special guest and continue coding with GirlsCodeIt volunteers

Think through the business side of your idea, and stay motivated to keep going! Plus get tips to:

  • Write a strong business plan and watch out for common difficulties
  • Troubleshoot your coding issues in breakout rooms by platform/language

March 13, 2021: Pitch and Demo Videos - Special 1.5 hour session


Plan what story you'll share in your videos, get feedback from industry professionals on your ideas, and continue coding with GirlsCodeIt volunteers

Start storyboarding your ideas so recording is easier. Plus get tips to:

  • Test your app with even more community members
  • Start recording your demo video
  • Troubleshoot your coding issues in breakout rooms by platform/language
  • Agenda: 30 minutes coding breakout rooms, 30 minutes session about pitching, then 30 minutes of breakout sessions with industry experts where you can share your ideas and get feedback

March 27, 2021: Finish your App

8-RevelationAndTransformation-Icon (1)

You're almost there!

Get the encouragement you need to make it to the finish line and continue coding with GirlsCodeIt volunteers. Plus walk away with tips to:

  • Reach out to local organizations and press to share your story with the community
  • Troubleshoot any last coding, pitch video, demo video, or business plan issues in breakout rooms