Student Ambassador Spotlight: Slava K.

Slava K., Student Ambassador (2017-2018)

Meet Slava! Slava is a Student Ambassador from Canada, where she recruited 50 girls to participate in the program this season. Slava did not have much trouble recruiting girls this year, citing schools’ access to internet and laptops as well as an increase in science and technology courses as potential reasons for this interest, as well as the novelty of the program in her area. In particular, Slava is proud of the number of junior teams she recruited and their engagement and interest in the program.

While recruitment wasn’t an issue, many of the girls Slava was supporting faced challenges with time management and allocating enough time to complete their submissions within their busy after school schedules. Slava helped manage this by scheduling times to meet on the weekends or using online calls to support teams who couldn’t make it in person. Despite these challenges, Slava enjoyed being a Student Ambassador, and seeing the effect of the program on the girls we was working with.

“I knew that I was doing something that was helping other people, especially encouraging young girls to keep doing what interests them most. I learned about how big of a positive impact we can make when we all come together to work as a community.”

We heard more about this community in Slava’s final report, when she told us about witnessing girls who were new to technology develop an interest in the subject, discuss pursuing tech-focused careers, and tell her they wanted to teach their own friends and peers about the tech field. We also learned about the teachers  Slava worked with and how they have introduced the Technovation challenge to other teachers from other school boards all over their area. Slava is moving on to University next year, where she is planning to study mechanics and mechatronics engineering.

We know that the community she helped foster this year will remain continue to grow – and that Slava will continue to be a leader for girls and women in STEM.  “I will continue to work towards my goal of becoming an engineer, but I also wish to keep supporting other young women around me and showing them that they don’t have to be afraid to be involved in STEM too.”