Season Results

2019 Season Results

2019 Technovation Finalists

2019 Technovation Finalists will be flown to Silicon Valley for World Pitch for a week of networking,
field trips, workshops, and the chance to win scholarships.

Senior Division Finalists




Technovation 2019 Team CoCo

TECO is a 3D mobile game that merges educational and entertainment tools to help players change their behavior and become more eco-conscious. It presents real-life issues and challenges players to solve them while sharing useful information along the way. TECO provides a strong incentive to recycle more through special hardware features and augmented reality.




Technovation 2019 Team D3c0ders

GjejZâ is an app to help abused women. GjejZâ offers a test to diagnose your situation, breaks myths about domestic violence, shares success stories from other survivors, provides calming exercises, and offers legal, psychological and medical consultation options. GjejZâ also has an opportunities feature to help women find jobs, and an SOS menu with emergency hotlines.




Technovation 2019 Team LPSN

When&Where is an emergency response app that makes women's lives safer. It obtains your location in real time, and if something happens – for example, if you stop or you are moving away from your destination – it asks you if you are okay. If you aren't, it calls an emergency contact or emergency services (112), depending on the option selected by the user.

Powerful Daisies

Safe Tears


Technovation 2019 Team Powerful Daisies

Safe Tears is a suicide prevention app designed to bring at-risk young adults together in a practical, safe and informative way. The app is anonymous and connects users so they may give and receive support. Each user has a metaphorical "glass of blue feelings" where they add drops of water to symbolize how sad (blue) they feel. Users can check other glasses to offer help and those with nearly full glasses are encouraged to seek help.

Team Uproot


United States

Technovation 2019 Team Uproot

Uproot is an iOS application that addresses noxious and invasive weed species, specifically targeting the harmful effects of these plants on California agriculture. Users can identify weeds on-the-spot with powerful machine learning technology or search a synonym-supported index of officially listed noxious weeds. Uproot also curates and returns information on any recognized weed and provides tools for weed control.

Tech Witches



2019 Team Tech Witches

Maitri is an app that allows children at orphanages to spend time with senior citizens in old-age homes, thus improving their social and mental well-being. Maitri helps connect those individuals suffering from loneliness and depression and those lacking the nurturing love of elderly role models. Users can also volunteer and donate to old-age homes and orphanages through the app.

Junior Division Finalists

Brain Squad

Hands Out


Technovation 2019 Team Brain Squad

The Hands Out app allows well-meaning people all over the world to easily donate to children and their families to help them pay for school fees, food, shoes, books, stationary, medication and more.




Technovation 2019 - Team LiterTree

Khmer poetry is at risk of being forgotten due to its massive loss during the Khmer Rouge Genocide. Naeng-Norng (translated as ‘rhyme and rhythm’) is a platform dedicated to preserving this declining language by allowing readers and authors to connect through Khmer poetry.

Robot Unicorns



Technovation 2019 - Team Robot Unicorns

Cloud9 helps children address social anxiety through a 3-step process. First, you share your experience with Charlie, a friendly digital dog. Then, a trustworthy and supportive digital therapist listens, asks questions, and offers advice to address your social anxiety. Last, the Resource Hub shares stories from people with social anxiety, and links to local and online resources.

Social Relay



TeamPaadhaiBaton (1)

Baton is an app designed to maximize the social impact of initiatives started by social work interns or students in underserved communities after the students' internships end. Baton hands over incomplete social work initiatives from one intern to another, collaborating with NGOs, institutions and corporations to ensure confidentiality and social impact is maintained.




Technovation 2019 - Valenteam

MINKA is an app that educates users on how to properly separate waste and give a second life to what we consider trash. MINKA promotes recycling and reuse by showing users where and how to dispose of their waste at local collection centers, or organize exchanges through a virtual community to give it a second life.

Young Inventor


United States

Technovation 2019 - Team Young Inventor

Epione is an app that helps diagnose opioid addiction by automating the immunosorbent testing part of the opioid addiction diagnosis process. Epione helps physicians and users monitor addiction through image processing algorithms that initiate, manage and visualize an addiction diagnosis. The results can be shared remotely for review by experts and used to provide addiction guidance.

2019 Regional Winners

2019 Regional Winners will not be flown to Silicon Valley to participate in World Pitch, but each team will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
There is one Regional Winner per region in each division. Regions are: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Senior Division Regional Winners




FrostPark is an app that tackles the menace of obstructive parking, particularly in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. With the use of location sensors, database, app inventor's interface and more, users can easily park their cars without worrying about interference from other drivers.




Hood allows small NGOs to contact donors and vice versa in a way that facilitates communication. Users can register as a donor or an NGO and have the ability to list items they want to donate, or request items from donors. Additionally, NGOs can upload videos to raise awareness and campaigns to collect certain objects.




H2O helps users find clean drinking water and allows them to locate quality assured, free water dispensaries instead of buying plastic water bottles. Users can register complaints to check water quality or for repairing water taps, tracking the progress of their complaints, rating & reviewing dispensaries, and/or adding locations of other public water points.


CUP (Clean Up Plastic)


CUP aims to encourage recycling through challenges that make it dynamic and fun. Users will be given weekly challenges, and if they complete four challenges in a month, they will be able to contact recycling companies via the app to win prizes.





Pharos is a social media app that aims to expand seniors' social groups, enhance their cognitive abilities, and improve their overall quality of life. Seniors can interact with each other by messaging and video calling. Pharos' daily games and challenges will also help seniors improve their cognitive abilities.

Junior Division Regional Winners




KeetNah is a complement to autism therapies. Keetnah offers a way to organize daily tasks and a communication tool based on an Augmentative and Alternative communication called PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). Both tools are totally customizable.




Fold helps improve communication between parents and children separated by working conditions that place parents far away from children. Through Fold, parents and children can play interactive games and greet each other every day. Due to the friendly interface design, even small children can interact with their parents when separated.

The String Theorists



A.I.D. (Aid in Disaster) connects donors, emergency response organizations and governments after natural disasters to make sure survivors get the help they need. Victims share what they need and their location. Response organizations can choose a region to focus on and access precise information about that region's needs. Donors can see a list of needed resources.




Fun14s helps users combat boredom through enriching fun. Fun14s offers leisure options under different categories, from places for having a tasty meal, to games and sports users can play, to film, show, and book recommendations. Users can add opinions and share favorites so others can enjoy new experiences.

The Human Targets

Treasury Water


Treasury Water helps users decrease their water use by monitoring their water consumption, encouraging them to conserve water and teaching them how to repair leaks. Treasury Water also reminds users to drink water for better health, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

2019 Semifinalist Teams

2019 Judge Advisors

We want to extend an enormous thank you to the judges who put in exceptional time and effort this season. 

Judge Advisors are judges who reviewed more than 11 submissions this season, providing thoughtful and constructive feedback to teams around the world. 

Karim Abdallah
Oyewole Abdul-Muizz
Etietop Abraham
Harout Abrahamyan
Zarina Adams
Salimah Addetia
Oluwayomi Adewuyi
Laura Aguilar Zúñiga
Luz Belén Guadalupe  Aguirre Cerda
Shadrack Agyiri
Lawal Akibu
Olorunniisola Alagbe
Ana Alcalde
Cruz Almolda
Salma Alrowaie
Esther Alvarez
Rocio Alvarez Moret
Oscar Amador Molina
Pablo Ambram
Vianey Amezcua
Aldo Amezcua
Nisha Amthul
Cristina Andreescu
Anahit Andriasyan
Sandra Añez Vaca
Patience Ankunda
Marina Ariño Armengol
Matthew Armstrong
Jorge Arredondo
Xochitl Marina Arroyo Alcalá
Funmilola Avoseh
Alaba Ayinuola
Juma Baldeh
Susanna Baldryan
Carol Barno
Jane Batham
Danilo Batista
Daniela Becerra
Maria Becker
Tamara Benito Matías
Mwaka Benson
Chicky Bhavnani
Jason Bobier
Sisian Boghossian
Kelia Bolton
Amira Boutouchent
Eileen Brewer
Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal

Lilybell Calderon
Brendan Cannon
Michael Cappetta
Daura Carballo
Gerardo Emmanuel Cárdenas Villa
Maru Carvallo
Maria Silvia Castillo
Ivette Cerrada
Marlene Cherop
Eddie Chiang
Mahmud Choudhury
Makane Christain Obekombe
Isabel Cires Moreno
Daniela Claudino
Cristina Comaniciu
Shirley Costa
Brenda Costa
Desiree Craig
Mayara Cruz
sonya curley
Rubina Danilova
Donato De Berardinis Moreno
Arantxa De la Peña
Italo de Oliveira Santos
Paola Del Risco
Virginia Diego
Amel Djenidi
Paco Domínguez Domínguez
Niki Dowsing
Caitlin Doyle
Susana Duran
Zamira Dzhusupova
Ifeyinwa Egbuna
Onyinye Enyioha
Sandra Escudero
Esther Eshiet
NseAbasi Etim
Paola Fatás
Aurora Fernández Martínez
Monica Fernandez Pato
Joshua Floyd
Amanda Ford
Amelie Foz-Couture
Janine Fusco

Ahmad G.Bakori
Tania Garces
Paulina Garcia
Walaa Ghitany
Joumana Ghosn
Pilar Gimeno Quilis
Christian Gomez
Leonardo Gonzales
María Valentina González
Blanca Grilló
Sylvester Kwasi Gyasi
Amira Hat
Tamara Haynes
Robert Hean
Andrea Raiza Henao Choque
Sandra Hernández Pardina
María Hernaz
Angel Herrera Basto
Shalini Hollingum
Luzdhy Huerta
Divine Ifeonyemetalu
Marvellous Ikpi
Abiola Ilupeju
Kingsley Isidore
Denisse Jimenez
Andres Jordan
Maureen Josephine
Joaquin Justiniano
Elizabeth Kalu
Ekaterina Kim
Deborah Kim
Deepa Kommunje
Miras Kuandyk
Nidhi Lal
Lynn Langit
Sandra Lapuente
Andrea Larios
Miguel Ángel Lázaro Solana
Milena Leal
Stephen Legge
Drew Lehman
Sam Leong
Jose Ignacio Lobera Cidon
Maria Jose Lodeiros
Emmanuel Lopez Neri
Julio Losa Andujar
Jeannie Lu

Noor Ma'lawani
Eman Maali
Beatriz Macho de Quevedo
Luz Maria Maida Claure
Somkenechukwu Mamah
Ani Manukyan
Lucía Reyes Manzano Gómez
Naomi Martin
Jose Renato Martins
Susana Mata Tapia
Tyler Mathews
William Mazviro
Sinéad Mc Givney
Jennifer McDowell
Alison Mead Richardson
Sandra Medel
Gabriela Melendrez
Melisa Mendoza
Edgar Milton Mercado Morales
Pavlo Merzlykin
Encarna Mesa
Jamshid Miralimov
Marina Mkhitaryan
Philile Mkhize
"Lluís " Molas
Maria J Monferrer
Malia Mullen
Vamshi Krishna Murari
Eduard Musayelyan
Kayla Musleh
Lakshmi Teja Muvva
Mala Naidoo
Marcelo Nakamura
Jacqueline Namutaawe
Safia Nathoo
Santiago Navarro
Francisco Navarro
Christian Ndubisi
Patricia Nuez Simón
Luiza Nunes
Karen Nyangan
Ed OBryan
Jane Odey
Raquel Odhiambo
Patrizia Odierna
Laurene Okada
Okorn Okorn

Ganiyu Olaniyi
Santiago Oliver
Aaron Omosele
Ejiroghene Owhoka
Talita Pagani
Edgar Palomino
Ti-Fen Pan
Vincent Pang
Leena Patel
Miguel Pazos
Karl Pehler
Tania Perich
Jacques Perreault
Christine Peter
Luis Polasek
José Ponce
Agustin Pozo
Clàudia Prat
Oscar G. Quiroga
Sayyora Rakhimova
Celia Ramírez Aréchiga
Aracelly Ramirez Garrido
Griffith Ridgway
Fran Rodriguez
Alejandra Rodriguez
Alexia M Rodríguez Diaz
Maria Rodriguez Montes
Miguel Angel Rodríguez Ortiz
Sofia Romero
Brunhilde Rygiert
Lia Carola Salazar Torrez
Alexsandro Salmazo
Narciso Samaniego
Miguel Angel Sanabria Valdez
Alejandro Sánchez Rodríguez
Sara Sandoval Carrillo
Daphine Sanger
Jerri-Lyn (JL) Schmidt
Stephanie Senoner
Elia Serratos
Madhumalti Sharma
Janice Sherman
Nontando Sibanda
Vicente Simón
Raffi Simonian
Gaurav Kumar Singh
Joanna Sitkowska
Orla Skehill
Sachin Solkhan

Rita Elizabeth Soto Sanchez
Guadalupe Souto
Ines Souza
Murali Srinivasan
Gayane Stepanyan
Ruzanna Stepanyan
Claudia Stippe
Sharon Stratsianis
Feruza Sultonova
Saumya Suvarna
Haydée Svab
Katie Swisher
Ana Taraco
Ishan Tayal
Sandzhar Tazhibaev
Fabiola Tejeda
Vivek Tonapi
Mariam Torosyan
Meryssa Tran
Siddhi Trivedi
Catherine Tushabe
Rashmi Tyagi
Kelvin Umechukwu
Ifeoma Umeh
Austin Uzim
Ariel Valverde
Vanroth Vann
Robins Varghese
Natalie Vaynberg
Anulekha Venkatram
Amy West
Vivian Wong
Wing Yee Yau
Greg Young
Adolfo Zarrias
Cherish Zhang
Yuyong Zhao
Joan Generous Isabella