Program Implementation Partners

Run Technovation Girls

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Empower girls in your community by engaging them in Technovation’s technology entrepreneurship program. Teams of girls ages 8-18 design app-based tech solutions to a community or global problem and pitch their ideas in a worldwide competition.

Technovation leans on local implementation partners to facilitate the program in their community. Check out our network of partners to learn about the global community you'll be joining.

Want to bring Technovation Girls to your community? We invite you to join us in this mission!

Who are Program Implementation Partners?

Lots of different organizations and groups are Technovation Program Implementation Partners, including:

  • Schools
  • Education nonprofits
  • After school programs
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Individual volunteers

What do Program Implementation Partners do?

Implementation partners run Technovation Girls in their community, which means identifying and recruiting:

  • Girls who want to learn how to use technology to solve problems
  • Adults to facilitate girls’ learning and to mentor teams
  • Time and space for teams to meet to work on their projects

How do Program Implementation Partners run the program?

Technovation provides comprehensive resources to partners to run the program! This includes:

  • Online interactive student-facing curriculum
  • Virtual platform for students to upload projects and receive feedback from professionals
  • Training both for program leaders and for adults working directly with young people

A robust library of resources for adult volunteers, including lesson templates, activity guides, marketing materials, and more.


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There are two options for Program Implementation Partners: running a Chapter or running a Club. 

Although both Chapters and Clubs run Technovation Girls in their communities, there are few key differences between them, like the number of girls supported, the partner’s type of organization, and how the curriculum is administered to students.


Chapters offer Technovation Girls on a large scale, running the program over a larger community or region. They are led Chapter Ambassadors, who can be an individual or a team of individuals employed by an organization. These leaders identify and support local program facilitators, often through a “train the trainer” model.


  • Implement Technovation Girls through an existing organization like (insert examples)
  • Offer programming by identifying and supporting adults to work with student teams
  • Have the capacity to involve 30 or more participants that form 10+ teams


Clubs are led by individuals or organizations who run Technovation Girls with girls in a community or at a single school. Clubs are a great way to pilot the Technovation Girls program for the first time or to step up your community involvement as a returning volunteer. They are led by an  Club Ambassadors.


  • Implement Technovation Girls through an individual volunteer or smaller organization
  • Directly offer programming by working with 5 or more student teams themselves (Club Ambassadors may also recruit additional mentors to support teams)

Learn more about the different ways to get involved with Technovation Girls.