Technovation ‘gave us wings’ to create innovative apps by girls around the globe

Closing the gender gap in information technology is important not only for equality, but to ensure that the industry has qualified workers for the future. Women make up just 20 percent of jobs in tech according to a recent study released by content marketing firm Evia, a figure that’s declined over the past three decades. Despite comprising more than half of the student body in computing courses, women tend to leave tech careers in part because of the lack of promotion opportunities and alignment of the work to their values and interests.

Fostering excitement and passion for science, technology, engineering and math skills among young girls is the purpose of non-profit Iridescent, which just announced results for its Technovation global innovation challenge.

“Technovation gave us inspiration and that spirit to just go into the field of information and technology and create cool apps to solve community issues,” said Aditi Jain, member of Team Cantavits from India, winners of the 2018 senior Technovation challenge