Judgeathon 2018

Judgeathon 2018

A social event for social good


Want to make a huge difference for girls around the world?

Want to host a simple event where you can unify your office for a good cause?

Host a Technovation Judgeathon to support girls from around the world that are participating in the Technovation challenge!

What is Technovation?

Why is online judging important?

How can I help?

Technovation is a global competition for girls ages 10-18 to learn technical and entrepreneurship skills. Teams of 3-5 girls are guided by a 9-12 week curriculum which helps them design and create a mobile app that solves a problem in their community. Teams with the highest scores are invited to Silicon Valley for our World Pitch Event August 6th-10th, 2018.

While our volunteers host many in person “Regional Pitch Events” around the world, not every team is able to present their submission in person. That is why we ask help from qualified professionals like you to help provide valuable feedback that can show the girls how to make their ideas even better and continue to grow their expertise.

With over 10,000 girls signed up for the competition this year, we need as many qualified judges as possible who can give positive, encouraging feedback. Hosting a Judgeathon is one fun way to encourage good judging that can make a huge difference for these girls, and give your company or organization an excuse to get together and socialize.

How it works


Step 1: Organize

  • Find a space at your office or in your community that can host the event.
  • Pick a time that works best for everyone, and be sure to schedule 2 hours for the event (not including set up time).



Step 2: Promote

  • Promote the event through social media, emails, and our premade banner to encourage everyone to come to the event

Step 3: Facilitate

  • Use our premade slide deck with the training videos, and explanation of Technovation to get everyone excited and prepared to judge!

Step 4: Evaluate

  • Encourage all participants to judge at least 3-4 submissions each. Food and drinks are highly recommended to make the event fun and social.

What you need


Your Toolkit

Including editable electronic banner, training slide deck, and more!



Strong Wifi




Planning Checklist

  • Recruit volunteers to help
  • Book a space
  • Ensure strong Wi-Fi
  • Check that the Technovation platform passes your location's firewall
  • Tables and chairs
  • Projector & audiovisual equipment
  • Laptops for all participants (tablets are not compatible)
  • Make sure you have contact info for your event spaces tech and support staff
  • Extra extension cords
  • Order snacks

Event Day Checklist

  • Set up room
  • Test wifi and Technovation access on both pc and mac
  • Set up the registration table
  • Get presentations ready
  • Set up snacks
  • Have fun judging!Have everyone fill out the post-event survey

Interested in hosting your own Judgeathon?


[email protected]

for your toolkit to get started.

Together, we can make a difference.