A letter from team Born to Tech from Tunisia

"Hi Technovation Team,

I am writing on the behalf of the Tunisian visiting team "Born to Tech." First, we would like to express how eager we are to attend the World Pitch, how eager we are to get enriched.

We can't thank you enough for this opportunity that will make us learn more about solving problems in our community, we will get to see this mosaic of cultures getting together in unity, all together responsible for the future of societies.

Another thing we'd like to mention Technovation is far more than a competition, it is a unique experience and greater stories. We were seeing technology as a struggle now we are seeing it as a wonderland, the people we have met and the opportunities we have taken taught us that technology is one of the greatest roads to save our community...

...Finally we'd like to say we are eager to meet girls that have the same drive, girls that are dream chasers and change makers."

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Iridescent is the nonprofit that runs the Technovation program.

Thank you for supporting girls around the world to become dream chasers and change makers. Technovation wouldn't be possible without your help.

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