Submitting Your Idea to the Competition

Submitting Your Idea to the Competition

You’ve done great work! You’ve found an important problem that you care about, created a thoughtful solution through a mobile app, learned the ins and outs of how to market that app, and crafted a compelling video to showcase your ideas. Now it’s time to submit all of your hard work!

In this lesson, you will...

  • Submit your project to our global competition
  • Make a plan for how you will keep learning and leading in your community after the competition

Key Terms and Concepts

  • Honor Code - a set of rules and/or principles that participants follow to uphold the integrity of the Technovation Girls program
  • Development Platform - the base technology/application on which your project was built

The Submission Process

The rubric that will be used to judge your submission can be found on the button to the left. Read it thoroughly; it provides information about all the items that you will need to submit. You can change any part of your submission before the submission date, so start early to make sure you have all the parts!

To start, log into your account. On the submission page, you will find a checklist of items that you and your team will need to submit. Let’s walk through each one step by step.

The "Review and Submit" Button

Once your team has uploaded all the parts of your submission,  click the "Review and submit" button. This is the last step but extremely important to do! This will officially submit your project to Technovation Girls and ensure that you get judged and scored. You'll have until the deadline to edit your submission, so we recommend you upload what you have as soon as possible. 

When you're ready, hit the final "Submit now" button! You'll see a screen that says "Your project has been successfully submitted."

Then that’s it! You’ve done it! Give yourself a pat on the back. It’s been a long season and you’ve learned and accomplished so much along the way. Be proud of what you’ve done, we sure are!

Activity: Preparing for Results and Planning Beyond the Competition

How will your team respond to winning or losing at the pitch event or during other parts of judging? One exercise to prepare for either possibility is to imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes. How would a team’s reaction (for example, a winner showing off or a loser getting upset and running off) feel to you?

Carefully consider any feedback you get. Mentors and judges have taken the time to tell you how to keep developing your idea and continue making an impact in your community.

Make a plan for what comes after the competition. What do you want to continue learning? Are there actions you can take to help other girls in your community learn about technology? Whether or not your team wins, don’t lose sight of all that you have accomplished! Not many people can say that they have programmed a mobile app to solve a problem in their communities! Feel proud and thank all the people who were there along the journey to support you, like the judges, your mentors, your family, and your friends.

Activity: Celebrate!

Regardless of competition results, you need to know that you’ve accomplished so much these past few months. These things are worth celebrating and you absolutely should!

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate (make sure to let your teammates know how thankful you are for them in any situation!):

  • Make or get your favorite food and share a meal
  • Dance party!
  • Gather your team’s friends or families and have a game day or game night
  • Take a hike on a nature trail and enjoy bonding one last time
  • What other celebration activities can you think of?

Reflection on YOU

A few months ago, you decided to put your first step forward in the long and challenging Technovation Girls journey. You and thousands of girls around the world took a head first dive to test your limits to prove to the world that you are a force to be reckoned with. You're making a real impact and taking the first steps to become the next leaders and change makers of the world.

All of us at Technovation Girls commend each and every one of you for the amount of courage and perseverance that you've exhibited. Take some time and celebrate all that you've learned and achieved. You've earned it!

Additional Resources: Continuing the Journey

Your journey with Technovation Girls doesn’t end here. Upon completing the Technovation Girls’ season, you are all official Technovation Girls Alumnae! We share leadership and networking opportunities with our Alumnae, as well as programs for further skill development, and scholarships.

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If you don't have a LinkedIn account, or are younger than 16 years of age, never fear! We will continue to send leadership and professional development opportunities via our email newsletter.

Looking for a leadership role? As an alumna, you can apply to be a Student Ambassador for Technovation Girls! Student Ambassadors recruit participants to the Technovation Girls’ program, and empower students to improve their communities through technology. Check out our Alumnae Community Resource page when applications open in June 2022; you can also find other Alumnae opportunities and resources on the page!