Ideation 10: AI or Mobile App or Both?

AI or Mobile App or Both?

Ideation 10

This lesson can help you decide which type of project you want to create for Technovation. 

In this lesson, you will…

  • Review mobile app and artificial intelligence technologies
  • Identify into which category your project falls

Key Terms

  • Mobile App -  a program that runs on a mobile device
  • Artificial Intelligence - technology that performs a task normally performed by humans

AI or Mobile App?

By now you’ve learned about how mobile apps and artificial intelligence can be used to solve different problems. You’ve also brainstormed solutions to the problem you are solving. For your Technovation project, you need to decide which of these two technologies you will use for your project. Even if you are making a mobile app that uses AI, you will need to declare which one you want to be judged on, so that the judges will know which aspect of your project to focus on.

Note that in the judging rubric, there are slightly different criteria depending on whether it’s a Mobile App or AI Project. In the pitch video, you must talk about why your particular solution, whether it’s an app or an AI invention, is the best technology to solve the problem. 

For the demo video, you will describe your solution and how it works. You will also need to show how you built your project. If your project is a mobile app, you will need to show some of your code and describe what it does. If your project is an AI project, you will focus on your dataset - how you gathered it, what it includes and how you trained it and incorporated it into your invention.

Each technology has its own benefits and reasons to use:

  • Features of mobile devices - camera, GPS, sensors, phone calls, SMS, push notifications)
  • More people are able to access mobile phones around the world
  • Situations that can change depending on location, time, etc (e.g. Google Maps)
  • Situations than predict something when given new information (e.g. Google photos recognizing faces)
  • Connected to actions (e.g. auto car parking)


As you continue through this curriculum and with your project, you should focus on the lessons needed for your particular solution. If your solution is a mobile app, there is no need to complete the lessons on AI, and vice versa. However, if your solution includes both technologies, you should continue to complete both types of lessons. It might make sense to have some members of your team focus on coding the mobile app, and other members of your team focus on gathering data and training your AI model.

Activity: Choose your Technology

Complete this worksheet to decide which technology you are going to use to solve your problem and to defend why you choose this technology.


Now that you have chosen which type of technology you will use for your problem solution, you’ve committed to learning more in order to achieve your goals!. Make sure to focus on the color-coded lessons that match your project.

Coding lessons are blue like below:

AI lessons are purple like below:


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