Entrepreneurship 5: Create a Logo


Entrepreneurship 5

This optional lesson will help you learn about creating logos to help with branding your product.

In this lesson, you will…

  • Create a logo for your business

Key Terms

  • Logo  - A symbol that represents a company


Now that you’ve chosen colors and fonts for your brand, it’s time to start creating your logo! A logo is a symbol that represents a company. A company’s logo aims to capture its goals, purpose, and personality all into a simple mixture of symbols and words. Take a look at some of these examples:


Creative, Futuristic, Innovative


Sweet, Familiar

FedExFast, Speedy


Creative, Interactive, Happy

TwitterInteractive, Fun, Sharing

AirBnBHome, Comforting, Reliable

When you are designing your logo you can think of these three major categories.


Type Example Technovation Team Example
Word Mark

YAP! (You are Pretty) by team Tech Girls 1, 2021

Symbol or Icon

Cultive app by team Cultive, 2021


Fibronot by Team Fibronot, 2021

Now, think about each of the logos above, and any examples that come to mind that aren’t shown. Which are best for displaying as a social media profile image? Which are best for displaying on a poster? Which are most immediately recognizable? What do you think makes them successful (or not)?

Process for creating a logo

It may seem daunting to start brainstorming a logo from scratch, but if you follow these steps it will be much easier!

Step 1: Inspiration

Gather some images that you think represent the problem you are trying to solve. Think about your target audience, the environment that is affected, and the solution you are proposing. Think about  the words you chose in the ‘We Are & We Are Not’ activity and gather some pictures that represent the values of your company. You can also include images of other companies and their logos. Look at pictures on the internet as well as in books, magazines and anything else you have around you! You can also create a collage with your team.  Here is an example of an inspiration collage.

Step 2: Sketching

Each member of your team should draw quick sketches in pen or pencil of what the logo might look like.  Try to make the sketches as quickly as possible, without pausing to think. Don’t worry about feeling silly or making things too perfect. Each sketch should only take you a few minutes. Don’t cross anything out even if you don’t like it! Someone else on your team might like it, or it could inspire them to draw something else. Just draw and see what happens!

You should create sketches that are black and white. It’s important to draw these sketches by hand before moving to the computer. After 15 - 30 minutes you and your teammates should have a large collection of sketches.

Step 3:  Explore Different Ideas

With your team, look over the sketches. Draw a red check mark next to five sketches your team likes the most. Choose sketches that are promising, or have qualities that could even be combined to create a stronger logo. Now you will take each one of these sketches further by drawing more variations of it to see how it would look in different ways.

Step 4: Decide on one Idea

Now with your team, choose one idea that you like the most. Try drawing this idea out in different ways. If you want to incorporate digital drawing tools, you can do that now. Remember to keep everything in black and white and not to add color yet. Keep these qualities of good logos in mind:

    • Your logo should look good on a phone screen when it is really small
    • Your logo should also look good close up

Step 5: Decide on your Logo

Narrow your exploration down to one logo that you like the best. Practice drawing this logo either by hand or digitally until you get it just right.

Step 6: Experiment with Words

If you want to include words in your logo, experiment with word placement now. Of course, if your logo already has words in it, you can skip this step. Remember to test out the typefaces that you chose in the last marketing lesson.

Step 7: Add Color

Now that you have a logo that you like in black and white, try adding variations of the color scheme that you chose in the last marketing lesson.  Play with different ways to add the color to your logo or text.

Step 8: Finalize your Logo

You can now finalize your design with your team! Choose one or two colored variations of your logo. Create both a larger logo and a smaller logo. You will use the larger one for things like your business plan or the title screen of your app. You can use the smaller one for things like a business card, or an icon at the top of your app or AI project.

Activity: Create a Logo

Are you ready? Follow the steps above to create your own logo with your team. 

What You Will Need:

  • Note cards or scratch paper cut up. If you’re working virtually, try using collaborative software, like Google Docs or IdeaBoardz.
  • Pens or markers
  • Colored pencils or crayons

What You Will Do:

Following the steps above, create your logo for your app or AI project! Ask your mentor to help keep you on track. You can complete these steps in an hour, or you can create your logo over many days. It is up to you!


Show your logo to someone in your target audience. Ask them what it makes them think of. 

  • Does their answer make sense with your brand? If it doesn’t, what changes could you make to have your logo align more with the goals of your company?




Additional Resources

Logo Design Tool

Here's a fun online logo design tool that you can use to create a digital version of your logo.