Entrepreneurship 10: User Adoption Plan [Junior Division]

User Adoption Plan [Junior Division]

Entrepreneurship 10

This lesson will help junior teams earn points in the User Adoption Plan section of the rubric.

 In this lesson, you will...

  • Learn about user adoption plans
  • Use this template to help you write your plan
  • [Junior teams] should review the competition junior division rubric’s user adoption plan section to see what judges will look for in a good user adoption plan.

This lesson is for Junior Division teams. Senior Division teams are required to submit a 5-10 page business plan.

Key Terms

  • User Adoption Plan - a document that has details how you will get people to use your product

In this lesson, you will create a user adoption plan. The main focus, of course, is users! In your plan, you want to describe two things:

  • The users who have already tested the app or invention and what feedback they’ve provided
  • How you will get more people to try out the app or invention over the next year

User Adoption

A lot of what you did for Market Research in Ideation 7 will help you here. You’ll want to summarize what you learned about the users your product is designed for and how you have interacted with your target users. Your user adoption plan should include:

  • A sketch of your customers, including size and demographics
  • (Optional) Competitor analysis: in terms of getting users to adopt your product over competitors
  • Who you got to test your product and how you engaged them
  • Description of how your ideas for your product changed in response to your target user feedback

Future Plans

In this section, you want to explain how you will promote your product to potential users. You’ll also want to include details like how people will hear about your product, and how users will get and possibly buy your product. Essentially, you want to explain how you will show people your product, how you will get people to use it, and what happens once people have tried your product. In order to describe this, you’ll need:

  • Messaging that is clear and explains your product’s purpose
  • An in-depth strategy for how your product will reach target users
  • (Optional) Plans to partner with organizations who are working on the same problem, as a way to engage more users

Activity: Plan and Write your 1-2 page User Adoption Plan

Now that you know what it takes to make a user adoption plan, you can prepare to write one! Use the template to make sure you cover all necessary parts.


Writing a user adoption plan is a big accomplishment, and one that should make sure your product gets used by the people who need it! Ask your mentor or other team members to read over the user adoption plan.

After your mentor or your team have looked over the plan as a group, make sure to incorporate their feedback. It helps to get different people’s point of view.

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