How Does AI Work?

Let’s start to explore how Artificial Intelligence actually works! This video is all about datasets.

Stop and THINK

What ways do you and your family create data everyday using your computer or phone.

two girls talking
  • Every Google search
  • Words you type into emails
  • Every question you ask Alexa/Siri/OK Google
  • Connected devices – each time you turn on lights, change room temperature
  • Taps you make on your cell phone
  • Anything you buy online
  • Songs you listen to
  • Steps you take walking with your phone
  • Videos you watch

This next video will talk about the next parts of AI – patterns and predictions.

Stop and DISCUSS

How does Youtube suggest videos for you to watch? What are the dataset, patterns, and predictions for Youtube?

two girls talking


  • Past videos you’ve watched
  • Videos other people watch
  • What you just watched


  • Find videos that are watched by people who are like you
  • Find videos that other people watched after they watched a video like the one you just watched 


  • A list of videos you might like to watch


Use the worksheet to explore another AI technology and find out types of data it uses, what patterns it looks for, what predictions it makes, and actions it takes!

Stop and Discuss

Based on the activity:

  1. What did you learn about the data?
  2. Did anything surprise you?
  3. Was it hard to figure out which data the AI technology used? Why or why not?
two girls talking