Girls for a change.

Every year, Technovation invites teams of girls around the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology.

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2022 Season Results

The first round of judging is complete—learn about the teams who qualified for semifinals.

Change the world together

Technology is changing the world.

Support for Alzheimers' patients, domestic violence, climate change, the impact of COVID-19 — these are just a few  problems 1,700 Technovation Girls teams around the world tackled in 2021.

You can join them.

Our global community of students, mentors, ambassadors, parents and judges are curious, creative, and determined to change the world using technology. Most join with no previous tech experience.

Learn how to code a mobile app that solves a problem you care about – or support a team that does. 

Registration is closed, but you can sign up to be the first to hear when registration opens for the 2022-2023 season! 

Technovation Changes Students' Lives

Graphic showing Technovation Girls interests after completing the program - 78% interested in CS 70% interested in entrepreneurship 67% interested in business leadership

After participating in Technovation Girls ....

Students express a greater interest in technology and leadership after participating in our program, and 58% of our alumni enroll in more computer science courses after Technovation.

That's not all – alumni go on to start their own businesses, present at prestigious events, meet world leaders, and even return to support the next cohorts of Technovation Girls. 

Technovation Girls is just the beginning.

Technovation Chapters

Since 2010, more than 34,000 girls from 100+ countries have created apps to solve community problems. With the help of volunteer mentors, they've produced mobile app startups that have helped address problems in local and global communities the world over. And while each year more and more teams take up the challenge, we know that there are always more problems to solve … and that there are people from every part of the world ready to solve them.

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Registration is currently closed, but you can sign up for our mailing list to hear when registration opens for 2022-2023