Girls for a Change: Celebrating girl technology entrepreneurs for International Day of the Girl

Today is International Day of the Girl! Introduced by the United Nations in 2012, this is a day to celebrate and promote the betterment of girls’ position in society around the world.

We’re celebrating girls everywhere for their curiosity, creativity, and unapologetic pursuit of change for themselves and their communities. We are especially proud of the 2018 Gold Scholarship Winners, who are using technology to clean up their community and reduce air and water pollution.

Meet Team Cantavits, a team of five girls from India who developed Eedo, an app to help people properly dispose of electronic waste. Hear more in their recent interview with Good Morning America:

The theme of this year’s International Day of the Girl is With Her: A Skilled GirlForce and kicks off a year-long effort to bring together a global network of partners to create more opportunities for girls everywhere to develop the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing workforce.

Of the 1 billion young people – including 600 million adolescent girls – that will enter the workforce in the next decade, more than 90% of those living in developing countries will work in the informal sector, where low or no pay, abuse and exploitation are common.”

We know that a big part of improving girls’ lives includes providing access to better educational and professional opportunities, and are proud to contribute to this effort. This year nearly 20,000 girls joined Technovation from 115 countries, and we hope to reach many more in the years ahead.

With the kick-off of 2019 registration, we welcome girls from anywhere in the world to participate in Technovation and develop technological innovations and business plans that solve pressing problems in their communities. For the 2019 season we will be providing more support and resources for girls to deepen their computational thinking, problem identification, invention, and global collaboration skills.

On this day, as the world watches, join us to celebrate the curiosity, creativity, and perseverance of girls who are unapologetic about their pursuit of change.