World Pitch 2018: Meet the Visiting Teams!

Get ready to be inspired! In addition to the 12 finalist teams who attend World Pitch, each year a number of teams fundraise for themselves to cover their costs of attendance to World Pitch as visiting teams. Visiting teams also attend field trips to technology companies in the Bay Area and get to meet and brainstorm with their peers on the finalist teams. These motivated young women will also be present at the Global Innovation Celebration, and are eligible to receive the People’s Choice Award. Get to know these teams, the problems they care about, and how they want to solve them.


Team Cage, Live!



Live! Is a health tracking app that calculates the amount of sleep, rest, meditation, exercise and water a user needs and tracks the sleep time, distance walked, water consumed of the use. Live also offers meditations, video exercises, relaxing sounds and helps users track their moods.












Fantastic Ideas 2018, Feel It!



Many hospitalized children lose opportunities to discover the world around them. Feel It can help make this time more pleasant by giving them the chance to follow their own curiosities. Parents and friends can contribute by writing the interesting facts children will explore. Join the cause!












Feed the Nation, iFood



This application eliminates the outrageous exploitation of the farmers by our middle men and also reduces food scarcity which is usually been caused by hurdling of agricultural products by these so called “MIDDLE MEN”. The main feature of our mobile application is the direct contact of consumers to the farmers hence making the farmers determine the food price in the market. OPERATION ZERO HUNGER!











Team Snake-Byte, QUAKESAKFE



QUAKESAFE was developed with the aim of readying its users in Greater Vancouver on how to be aptly prepared for Earthquakes through interactive and practical methods. It contains a variety of well-curated information and accessible tools for the user to explore, and overall seeks to promote improvement on Earthquake response in Greater Vancouver’s individuals.












Team Genius Study Room, Genius Study Room

Hong Kong


Genius Study Room is an app for users and managers of study rooms that allows users to see whether the room has available seats and managers know whether there are any problems related to noise or seat conflicts in the room. Genius Study Room helps solve noise problems and prevent people from abusing the study room through the use of different sensors.












Team Legendary Helpers, Health Journal

Hong Kong


Health Journal offers children ways to quickly update their parents with information like their feelings and food and water consumption. Health Journal serves as a convenient tool for children to enter those information, and parents can easily check up on their child to see their child’s status summary. This app also keeps the daily record as in journal format.






Join us for the Global Innovation Celebration on August 9, 2018. The Global Innovation Celebration is the final event of the 2018 World Pitch Summit and this is the first time it’s open to the public. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet our amazing Student Ambassadors, 2018 finalists and visiting teams, learn about AI through hands-on projects, meet representatives from leading tech companies, and celebrate the global Technovation community. Get your tickets here