Student Ambassador Spotlight: Teodora M.

Teodora M., Student Ambassador (2017-2018)

Meet Teodora! Teodora is a Student Ambassador in Romania. Teodora participated in Technovation in 2017 after learning about the program accidentally, and after participating, sought out the opportunity to become a Student Ambassador so that she could tell more girls in her town about the program. Teodora also told us that while there wasn’t much visibility in her region she was ready and eager to help build a Technovation community in Romania.

Over the past season we saw this resolve time and again in Teodora’s efforts as Student Ambassador. Although she faced challenges in finding girls who believed they could take on the challenge as rigorous as Technovation, Teodora recruited and retained 15 girls (who formed 3 teams) this season.

Teodora told us that the hardest part of her season was finding “more innovative ways to attract the girl’s interest and attention” to Technovation, but that she overcame it by thinking creatively and using face-to-face meetings as well as leveraging social media.

Teodora also helped organize the Regional Pitch Event in her area, even partnering with the to help bring the event to life. In addition to developing her organizational and leadership skills, putting on the Regional Pitch event with help from meant that Teodora also had the opportunity to learn more about digital marketing and connect with women working in the tech field.

We are so proud to work alongside Teodora and have her as a leader in our community!

“I’m going to change the world by using my knowledge to build an environment conducive to the development of true values and unity between cultures.”


Year in Review
This year, Teodora…

  • Recruited and supported 15 girls through the Technovation season
  • Helped organize a Regional Pitch event
  • Collaborated with Adfaber Company to put on the Regional Pitch Event

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