Student Ambassador Spotlight: Sabrina A.

Sabrina A., Student Ambassador (2017-2018)

Meet Sabrina! Sabrina is a Student Ambassador in Uganda who participated in Technovation in 2017 as part of a team called 3 Girls Making it Up. During that season, Sabrina’s teammates grew discouraged and wanted to quit, but Sabrina convinced them to keep trying and ultimately submit their app.

We saw that perseverance again this year, as Sabrina worked to recruit over 160 girls this season and support them through the immense challenge of not having reliable internet access. Sabrina was also determined to reach as many girls as she could, walking miles to schools in remote areas to introduce Technovation.

Fortunately the schools in her region were accepting of the program and the girls loved Technovation. Sabrina also worked closely with a new Regional Ambassador this year and together they worked to put on a regional pitch event and supported the teams during submission when they faced problems with their internet access.

Throughout the year we have seen that Sabrina is a problem solver and a force of positivity. Earlier this year she told us “when I applied to be a Student Ambassador, one of my friends pointed out that it would be hard to fulfill my duties as I don’t have a phone or a computer and my school doesn’t have internet access. Everything she said was true, but so what? I am a changemaker, and I will not give up no matter what.

And Sabrina has the same message for the girls she works with, reminding them and us that “you need the ability to believe that you can make it no matter what. The important thing is to stay focused no matter the hardships along the way. Things don’t always go smoothly but if you have determination, you can overcome anything.”

We are so proud to work with Sabrina to bring Technovation to so many girls in Uganda.

Year in Review
This year, Sabrina…

  • Recruited 162 girls
  • Walked miles to schools in remote areas to introduce Technovation
  • Successfully worked with two RAs to support local teams

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