Student Ambassador Spotlight: Isabel V.

Isabel V., Student Ambassador (2017-2018)

Meet Isabel! Isabel is a Student Ambassador in Spain who was inspired to join the Student Ambassador program because she noticed that there was almost no encouragement for girls to learn how to program in her community, and she wanted to lead the change to share the power of technology with local girls. Isabel is also an active member of HeforShe, an initiative of UN Women, and draws a great deal of inspiration from Emma Watson’s questions of “if not me, who? If not now, when?”

In addition to supporting and inspiring girls and women in her community, Isabel is also passionate about Judo, and won a Spanish bronze medal in the sport this year.

Isabel had great success as a Student Ambassador this year,  recruiting and supporting 90 girls to complete the program this year. Isabel attributes this success to having access to talk to the girls – Isabel spoke at the kickoff event in Madrid this year, made presentations at local schools (in person and over skype), and took care to provide mid-season support to girls working at those schools, as well as virtual support to girls participating in the program in Valencia. Isabel was also one of our social media influencers, who took over the Technovation Instagram account to share out some of the stories of girls participating in Spain and offer encouragement to girls around the work.

Isabel told us that “being a Student Ambassador  was the best thing I did through this year. I really felt that the work I was doing was truly helping others” and that “the best thing about doing this is when you see the girls faces all lighted up because they are excited about the learning they are doing.” Isabel also told us that helping the girls through the program showed her how much she actually knows and helped her feel more confident about her programming, leadership, and public speaking skills.

Isabel is studying at an international school in Hong Kong next year, where she hopes to once again build and develop a community for Technovation and support girls to pursue their interests in technology and business. We’re so proud to work alongside Isabel and help make it Girls for a Change around the world.



Year in Review:
This year, Isabel…

  • Recruited and supported 90 girls through the program this season.
  • Helped organize a Technovation workshop at Google’s campus in Madrid
  • Connected with teams in Valencia via skype throughout the season

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