Student Ambassador Spotlight: Daria T.

Daria, Student Ambassador (2017-2018)

Meet Daria! Daria (also known as Dasha) is a Student Ambassador from Ukraine. Although Daria faced a number of challenges in getting girls interested in the program and noted a general lack of engagement from the young people in her community, she ultimately persevered to recruit 20 girls to participate in the program this season. Daria also worked closely with her Regional Ambassador, Nadiia to host online learning sessions and coordinate events and webinars for the girls. All of her hard work paid off at the end of the season when 30 teams attended the Regional Pitch Event – twice the number of teams who attended in 2017.

We asked Daria what she had learned as a Student Ambassador this year, and she was very honest, telling us that she learned how difficult it can be to become a leader and that she learned that “you must be really keen on your work to be a leader. You should have a strong belief in what you do” but also that a leader “is the one who creates other leaders.”

It was so rewarding to see Daria step into her role as a community leader this year, and we’ve been so proud to work alongside her in Ukraine to bring Technovation to more girls.

Daria told us about the strong women in her life – a grandmother who was an engineer, another grandmother who was a mathematician, a mother and an aunt who are programmers, a great-grandmother who survived many difficulties to raise a family of strong women. We’re proud to be part of Daria’s story as a strong women herself. When asked for what message she wants to continue to share with other girls, Daria promised that she and her team “will continue encouraging girls to be programmers and entrepreneurs, but what is more important – we will encourage them to be themselves, whoever they want to be. Everyone can make their dreams come true, we just need to be not afraid to try.”


Year in Review:
This year, Daria…

  • Recruited 20 girls to participate in Technovation
  • Hosted Technovation webinars and workshops to support participating teams
  • Doubled the number of teams attending the Regional Pitch Event

“I’m going to change the world by spreading the understanding of the problems in our communities, inspiring people and giving some ideas for solving them in modern ways but also encouraging them to create their own solutions.”

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