Student Ambassador Spotlight: Amira J.

Amira J., Technovation Student Ambassador 2017-2018
Amira J., Student Ambassador 2017-2018

Meet Amira! Amira is a  Student Ambassador from Pittsburgh, where she attends a science and technology focused school. However, Amira’s interests extend beyond just STEM and range from Computer Science to photography to communications to robotics.

In her introduction at the start of the season, Amira told us that three things she likes are “Ariana Grande, Computer Science, and Dance” and that she wants to attend Carnegie Mellon University or the University of Pittsburgh to study Software and Bio Engineering. “I want to be a software engineer at Google and have my own business that helps teens with their self-acknowledgement, called E.S.T.E.E.M.”

We saw this commitment to community throughout the year, as Amira took on the responsibilities of a Student Ambassador and took a thoughtful approach to recruiting girls and starting a Technovation chapter in Pittsburgh. She broke it down for us this way:

“This year, the focus was primarily on African-American girls aged 10+ neighborhoods within the Pittsburgh Public School District, where there are about 54 schools, and 25,000 students– 53% percent being within my target audience. To reach my target audience, I reached out to every principal, science teacher, and social worker from each school, and was able to acquire the interest of about 25 students in total.”

Although she ran into some initial hurdles of low interest and unresponsive contacts (challenges that anyone who has tried to recruit people, raise money, or raise awareness can sympathize with!), Amira persevered and achieved amazing things this year, recruiting and teaching about 20 girls, fundraising, and making connections with local organizations.



Year in Review:
We were blown away by everything Amira accomplished in her first year as a Student Ambassador. This year, Amira….

  • Started the Pittsburgh Chapter of Technovation
  • Recruited 25 girls and and supported 19 of them throughout the 2018 season
  • Secured over $1000 in funding for her chapter!
  • Developed partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club, the Carnegie Science Center, and PPS School

We were also impressed by Amira’s thoughtfulness and the reflections she shared with her fellow Student Ambassadors. Always learning from her efforts, Amira would update our slack channel with how her meetings with the girls went, how her leads with new schools or local organizations were developing, the lessons she was learning from fundraising in her community, and what she wanted to do moving forward. All of her updates and her positive attitude helped build a vibrant online meeting-place for Student Ambassadors.

We are so proud to have Amira leading the change in her community and in the Technovation community, and can’t wait to meet her in person at World Pitch.

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