The 2017 Season Begins! Code for Change


By Maggie Jaris

“What would the world look like if only 20 percent of women knew how to write?” That’s the question YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki poses at the start of her recent post on Google’s blog announcing Google’s partnership with Global Citizens for the Global Citizen Fest – and their partnership with Iridescent and UN Women for the 2017 season.

As Wojcicki points out in her post, we lose out immeasurably when only a fraction of people have developed a skill, and as technology transforms our world more and more, a great deal is at stake when the majority of women don’t know how to write code. 

As registration opens for the 2017 season and we begin another year of inviting girls around the world to share their visions for change and then create that change using code, we are proud to be doing so in partnership with Google’s Made with Code and UN Women.

This year you’ll notice that we’re asking teams to solve problems that align with some key Global Goals as identified by the United Nation (poverty, environment, peace, and equality). Join us to Lead the Change in 2017 and help create the blueprint for a better world through code.

Register for the 2017 Technovation season here, or learn more about how you can participate and add your voice to the global movement through Made with Code.