Learning to Empower



Guest Post by Veena Basavaraj, Engineer at Cloudera and Technovation 2015 Mentor.

I am Veena and I live in the bay area and been coding since 12 years. Since a few years I felt the need to grow and explore roles beyond just been an engineer or coder. I was introduced to the Techwomen mentorship via LinkedIn and realized how enriching and rewarding a mentorship can be. In the past 2 years I have met women from diverse fields and cultures, not just computer programming but other equally challenging fields of product ideation, business development, marketing, operations management etc. It made me realize that coding and building is just one small part of this fascinating experience of creating, building and executing an idea. It took me this long in my career to realize this, but thanks to the very thoughtfully designed Technovation program, I get to be a mentor to some amazing girls globally and help them understand all these aspects of ideation, coding and execution at their young age in the span of 3 months. This year I took up mentoring high school girls from Palestine – Team Archons and in one month of my mentorship I have seen them embrace this program and the excitement of building and owning their idea. I am learning to empower and help nurture their passion to create and execute on their idea. When I see them succeed every day it is an amazing feeling, thanks to Technovation.