Innovating for the Future at the Tech Museum

When The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA invited Technovation to run a workshop for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, we couldn’t turn it down. About 50 girls in grades 4-8 came together on a Thursday morning to do some brainstorming about how they could be the ones to change and help their communities. In short, it was amazing. These girls had big ideas, and wanted to impact their communities in positive ways.


We kicked off the morning with a brief introduction to Technovation, and then asked the girls to introduce themselves to someone sitting nearby and form teams of 4 or 5. Some of the girls came with friends or sisters, but a lot of them didn’t know anyone else in the tinkering studio at The Tech Museum. Without much hesitation at all, the girls clustered into teams and quickly became friends. This is something that often requires much more prodding in adults!


Once the girls formed their teams, we prompted them to identify some community problems. The fantastic staff at The Tech Museum gave the girls tours of the Tech Challenge Awards to give them some ideas about community problems and the different ways they were solved. Once the girls decided on their focus for a community problem, they formed solutions and sketched out some prototypes of what an app solving the problem could look like. We saw some wonderful solutions addressing problems ranging from the California drought to homelessness! These creative young women serve as a great reminder that we should all think big, and focus on the possibilities rather than the impossible.