Technovation receives Google Grant for 2014 season!


Technovation’s 2014 program begins today, and we’re excited to announce that Google has committed $435,000 in funding to Technovation for its unique approach to technology education.

The dearth of women in engineering is well-documented–according to the Computer Research Association’s annual report, fewer than 12% of Computer Science Engineering graduates are women, and there has been a great deal of buzz in recent months over the lack of women in powerful positions in Silicon Valley. A number of new programs have launched in response to this buzz, designed to teach young women how to code.

Technovation, founded in 2010, takes a different approach. Instead of coding classes, Technovation’s curriculum teaches young women how to be technology entrepreneurs.



Connecting app development (and computer science) to community problems reshapes young women’s conception of the tech industry. Coupled with a curriculum that takes participants through every stage of development, this reframing helps young women reconsider their roles in the tech industry and see themselves as creators of technology rather than just consumers of it.

So far, Technovation counts 1,300 young women as alumnae, and we’re looking forward to using this Google Grant to bring our technology entrepreneurship curriculum to more young women around the world.

Between the grant, the two new divisions (for middle school and university students), and the increase to $20,000 to award to three teams to further develop their apps, this is shaping up to be an exciting year.

The season starts today, and registration is open through March 1!



(You can read more in our official announcement, and sign up to register here)