Technovation is the world’s largest technology entrepreneurship program for girls aged 10-18. It runs across 100+ countries, supported by UNESCO, Peace Corps and UN Women (see report, page 55).

Through Technovation girls work with women mentors, find a problem in their community, develop a mobile app, and launch a startup.

We have been running Technovation for 8 years. In that time 15,000 girls around the world have developed mobile apps and startups to solve problems around a diverse range of problems, including food waste, nutrition, women's safety and much more.

Technovation 2016 Map

Technovation has reached 15,000 girls in 100+ countries, and they’re getting noticed.

These young women have been recognized by President Obama at the 2016 White House Science Fair, Prime Minister Modi, the First Lady of Nigeria and the UN’s ITU Secretary General to name a few. Technovation was also featured in the 2015 documentary Codegirl, made by Lesley Chilcott.



After participating in Technovation


  • 78% of students were more interested in Computer Science
  • 70% of students were more interested in Entrepreneurship
  • 67% of students were more interested in Business Leadership

58% of alumnae enroll in subsequent Computer Science courses

26% of alumnae in college major in CS. This is 65x the national rate of 0.4% of female college students majoring in CS


In 2016, we analyzed every submission to Technovation from the previous 3-years to identify patterns and trends in the mobile startups our participants create. Discover the mobile app companies young women will create when given the opportunity in our 3-year App Analysis.


For me, technology wasn’t an option. I never thought about doing something in technology. But [after Technovation], it’s totally in my mind to do something in the technology field.

- Technovation Student 2013


One of the first women to graduate from YCombinator was inspired to apply because of her experience with Technovation. As it turns out, Technovation helps professional women in some surprising ways. 


After volunteering with Technovation

  • 58% of mentors increased their technical skills
  • 67% of mentors increased their knowledge about entrepreneurship
  • 70% of mentors learned to be effective mentors

"Technovation not only changed my girls' lives, but it has changed mine as well, finally helping me to realize how I can get into a fulfilling career that meets my needs."
-- Chip Moreland, Peace Corps Volunteer, Moldova team mentor


"I see [alumnae] as people who will go in there with an idea, without a technical background, leave school, create a company. And then they can employ women and minorities thereby changing the perception of computer science."

-- Omoju Miller
Technovation Instructor and Facilitator

"Following a twelve week experience engaging our students in teamwork, entrepreneurship skills, programming and business skills, to design and present a mobile app solution to a panel of venture capitalists, my colleagues and I witnessed an indescribable transformation in our students and we were speechless!"

-- Kelly Powers
Technovation Mentor & Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year