Frequently Asked Questions

About Technovation

What are important Technovation dates that I need to consider?

Registration Deadline: March 8, 2017 at 5pm PT
Submission Deadline: April 26, 2017 at 5pm PT
World Pitch Summit: August 7-11, 2017

The earlier you register, the more time you will have to work through the curriculum. We recommend starting as early as possible.

Will there be regional pitch events?

Regional pitch events will be held wherever coordinators are available and able. Updates about locations and dates of regional pitch events will be sent out out via email and posted to the Chapters page of the website as the information becomes available. For those participants who do not have regional pitch events to attend, their submissions will be scored through the online submission platform.

How do I submit the consent forms?

Students are asked to provide their parent/guardian names/email addresses when registering at my.technovationchallenge.org. After the registration has been submitted, an electronic consent form will be emailed to the parent/guardian to sign electronically.

If parents do not have regular email/internet access, the consent forms can also be downloaded, signed, then emailed to [email protected] Subject lines must formatted as “Technovation consent form: ‘Student Name/DOB/Location’ " -- please note that submitting forms via email with take longer and plan accordingly.

How do I register a team?

After all team members have registered individually and submitted their electronic consent forms on my.technovationchallenge.org, ONE team member needs to create the team. This can be any student member or mentor.

The team member who created the team can invite other students to join from the team page using student email addresses.

Mentors and other team members can also search for the team in the "Join a Team" tab and request to join that team. Any team member who is already accepted can approve future team requests.

What qualifies as being fully registered?

Completion of all 4 steps below qualifies as a full registration for Technovation 2017.

1. Create an account at my.technovationchallenge.org.
2. Have the appropriate consent forms signed
3. US Mentors must have a cleared background check.
4. Create or join a team.

For Students

Will Technovation teach me how to code?

Technovation guides and encourages students in becoming technology entrepreneurs. Just like in the real world, a high level of technical expertise is not required, but some understanding of the technology being created and proposed is important.

Upon finishing Technovation, students should have an understanding of some basic computer programming principles and a complete and functional mobile app prototype.

How do you determine my team's division?

Your team's division for the competition will be determined by the oldest student member of your team. Your team can include students of different ages.

  • The Junior division is for teams that include all students who are 14 years old or younger by August 1, 2017.
  • The Senior division is for teams that have at least one student who will be 15 years old or older by August 1, 2017.
Can my team include students from different schools?

Yes, Technovation teams can include students from different schools.

How old do I have to be to participate?

All girls up to age 18 may enter the official Technovation competition. Anyone can access and use Technovation’s free online curriculum by registering at my.technovationchallenge.org.

How do I find a team?

Most Technovation teams meet at schools and are facilitated by school teachers. In some cases, parents and other community leaders step up to facilitate teams.

As a first step, the student should see if she has friends/classmates who would be interested in forming a team. In the case that there are enough students to form at least one team at the school, the students should then look to find a teacher(s) who can volunteer to facilitate the course.

If there is not enough interest from one school, students can also form teams from multiple schools and find parents to facilitate.

Does App Inventor work for iPhones?

App Inventor only supports the Android OS right now. Even though the Technovation curriculum only supports App Inventor, your team can adapt the curriculum and submit an app developed for iOS or whatever platform you prefer.

Is having a mentor a requirement to participate?

It is highly recommended that Technovation teams work with mentors so students can get some perspectives from industry experience. However, having a mentor is not a requirement for teams to participate and submit to Technovation. Teams can connect with mentors after registering and creating a team on my.technovationchallenge.org.

Do I have to know how to code first?

No prior programming experience is necessary for Technovation students or mentors.

Technovation students learn some basic computer programming principles as they complete the course, but they don’t need to become expert software developers to be successful in Technovation.

Students rely on their mentors not to know all the answers, but simply to help them figure out how to find the appropriate answers. Most of our mentors are not software engineers, but they are dedicated professionals who are eager to help young women learn new skills and build their confidence.

For Mentors

Do mentors need to know how to code before starting Technovation?

Having at least a baseline knowledge of how to code is helpful, but not necessary to mentor. What’s most important is that mentors are willing to learn alongside the students and help them through the problem solving process. Mentors are also provided with trainings to provide support in subject areas they may not be familiar with.

Who owns the code and IP developed during Technovation?

The ownership of all intellectual property (IP) developed through Technovation should be decided by the teams involved in developing them. Technovation and our parent non-profit, Iridescent, do not require ownership over any part of competing teams’ apps or associated IP.

How much does it cost to participate?

Technovation is free for all participants. Each team will need up to five girls (ages 10 to 18), a safe place to meet, a laptop with internet, and a smart phone or tablet.

How many teams can participate from each school?

We recommend a minimum of 3 or 4 teams from each school if possible; with a healthy number of girls involved, the girls tend to keep each other excited and engaged throughout the season. There is no maximum; every school can enter as many teams as they wish. The more, the better!

When do teams meet?

Before the Technovation competition begins, each Technovation team determines a time that is suitable for them to meet. Most students meet after school with their mentors, but there are some who meet at home on weekends. It’s up to the team to coordinate a time that works for them.

How do I sign the volunteer agreement?

All mentors need to sign the same Volunteer Agreement with Iridescent (Technovation’s parent nonprofit). Mentors can sign the form electronically through the online registration platform, my.technovationchallenge.org.

What information is gathered for the background check?

Technovation runs a basic background check for all registered mentors. We use Checkr.io to run a Name/DOB/SSN verification in addition to a county and nation criminal search. All mentors who have consented to background checks can request copies and check their status at checkr.io by clicking “I am an applicant” in the upper right hand corner.

For Parents or Guardians

How can parents/guardians be involved in the program?

Technovation encourages parents and guardians to get involved at any level they can. If a you want to serve as a mentor, we suggest the team be co-mentored by another volunteer if possible.

Your daughter’s learning is at the center of all that we do. We share your commitment to your daughter’s success and have created this webpage to help you understand more about the Technovation program, and how you can help support your daughter’s participation.

If you would like to receive ongoing updates from Technovation along with suggestions on how to support your daughter through the program, please sign up for our parent/guardian newsletter using this link.

We are always looking for more ways to actively involve parents/guardians. If you have any suggestions please let us know at [email protected]

Can boys participate in the program?

Anyone can use Technovation’s free online curriculum, but participation in Technovation’s official competition is limited to girls. Women are highly underrepresented in the technology fields. Research shows that women are more enthusiastic and engaged in STEM courses when they are in an all-girls environment because they feel comfortable participating and asking questions. We aim to provide that safe environment and provide the girls with role models so they can see themselves in technology careers. Other technology and entrepreneurship initiatives are co-educational such as FIRST, SMASH, and BUILD, but Technovation is just for young women.