Curriculum Overview 12 Weeks

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12-Week Curriculum

For new and returning participants starting the program after January 1, 2017.

Some modules span multiple weeks.

Note: Junior and Senior Division deliverables are different. Please refer to the submission guidelines and judging rubric early and often.

  • Week 0

    Get started by forming a team and defining the problem you're going to solve!

    • Getting Started
    • Build a Team
    • Find a Mentor
  • Week 1

    Get going with App Inventor and look at what kind of businesses are out there.

    • Ideation
    • Code 1
    • Business 1
  • Week 2

    Learn about data and do some market research to see how your app will fit in
    to the marketplace.

    • Code 2
    • Business 2
  • Week 3

    Master loops and conditionals, keep working on market research, and begin to develop your brand.

    • Code 3
    • Business 2
    • Market 1
  • Week 4

    Use code to talk to other places on the web, start working on your business model, and keep developing your brand.

    • Code 4
    • Business 3 Senior Division only
    • Market 1
  • Week 5

    Prototype your app and finalize your business model.

    • Code 5
    • Business 3 Senior Division only
  • Week 6

    Explore additional coding resources and create a logo and visuals for your app.

    • Code 6
    • Market 2
  • Week 7

    Keep working on your app, start making your marketing plan, and learn about pitch and demo videos.

    • Code 6
    • Market 3
    • Pitch 1
  • Week 8

    Film your pitch video, begin your business plan, and continue working on your app.

    • Code 6
    • Business 4 Senior Division only
    • Pitch 2
  • Week 9

    Work on your business plan, finalize your pitch video, and keep coding.

    • Code 6
    • Business 4 Senior Division only
    • Pitch 2
  • Week 10

    Troubleshoot your app, produce your demo video, and keep going with your business plan.

    • Code 7
    • Business 4 Senior Division only
    • Pitch 3
  • Week 11

    Finalize your app, your business plan, and demo video.

    • Code 7
    • Business 4 Senior Division only
    • Pitch 3
  • Week 12

    Submit! Make sure you have all deliverables ready.

    • Submission Guidelines
    • Judging Rubric


Business modules marked in dark green do not need to be completed by Junior Division teams.


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